Your email signature is more than just signing off your name at the end of an email. If done right your email signature can be made into a low cost high return marketing channel. Email signature marketing and email signature advertising can help you level up each email that you send and turn an otherwise regular interaction into a quality lead.

Let’s break down all you need to know about email signature marketing, including why it’s valuable, how to set it up, best practices, and more.

What is email signature marketing?

Email signature marketing is the practice of using your email signature for marketing purposes instead of just as a place to sign your name. You can use your email signature block to make a business offer, like promoting a sale, a landing page, job offers, set up a meeting, and more, by adding a CTA, like a button, a banner or text link.

What is email signature advertising

Essentially, email signature advertising is like having a business card with superpowers. It should certainly include professional information like your name, job title, contact details, and company information; but to unleash it’s true potential it has to have a CTA, so that anyone could take you up on your business offer with a simple click.

Why should you use email signature marketing?

The quick answer is that it’s profitable. It costs you near nothing to set up this marketing channel and it serves as a constant running campaign that makes use of activity you are doing anyhow. This makes it a low cost high potential marketing channel, that helps you sell with every email you send, whether you attempt to or not.

You might be thinking that you already focus your marketing campaign on so many different platforms, like social media, videos, on your website, or through your email newsletter. Is adding marketing features to your email signature really worth the extra effort? Absolutely.

According to a survey, 62% of businesses are already using email signature marketing. So, if you don’t want to fall behind your competition, it’s a good time to get started. 

Like I said before, setting up you email signature marketing doesn’t take too many resources to create an email signature with marketing features, so it can be a potentially high-reward, low-risk and low-cost effort on your part.

So, just how can you use email signature marketing to bolster your campaigns and start generating more leads? Let’s take a look at a few ways you can implement it in your own emails.

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10 best ways to use email signature marketing

Get more traffic & build your brand

Even when adding additional elements, your email signature should still include some of the basics and shouldn’t be entirely focused on marketing. Make sure you include most of the following:

Be sure to include the basic signature details:

  • Your name 
  • Job title
  • Name and address of the company you work for
  • Phone number
  • Email address

After you include these details, then you can start to implement your marketing in your signature. You can get creative with links, icons, images, or anything else you decide to add to your signature.

If you’re just getting started with email signature marketing, these are some tried-and-true methods to increase engagement and capture new leads.

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At the end of your “marketing signature“, add a link to a specific page that contributes most to your bottom line or another business goal. It can be your company’s home page, a landing page for a new product you want to promote, your most recent blog post, or even a link to your newest sale.

When you link to a page, be sure to use a convincing CTA to entice recipients to click on your link. To make sure you peak attention and create incentive, use a descriptive link text – something like “click to see our sales.” or “click here for 50% off all our online courses”.

Adding social media icons or buttons is a non-intrusive way to get people to visit your social media channels where they can better engage with you and build a relationship.

Social icons are a way to load your marketing signature with more depth. It’s your opportunity to show more of what you do and what you offer. Adding social media icons will bring more people to your social channels where you have the possibility to create familiarity and trust through prolonged engagement. In time, this will help you increase brand awareness and bring you more clients.

Even if your goal is not sales but only to grow your social presence, then adding social links to your email signature will help you do that. Solely by being visible they could pull in your most loyal customers that are already on your mailing list. Think of it as another point of contact, like your phone number or email address.

3. Get more people to download your Ebook

There’s no reason not to use your email signature marketing to push specific products. If you or your company have recently come out with an ebook, or any other digital and downloadable product, add it to your email signature.

This will help create more awareness around your digital product, help you reach more people, and also help cement your expertise in the topic your book is about. Add a direct link to download, and your signature is ready to go.

4. Softly and non-intrusively promote your new offers

Adding new promotions, offers, or sales to your email signature is a great way to promote a campaign without actually outwardly saying it.

Sometimes, mentioning it in the body of an email can come off too “salesy” and might actually turn some customers off. However, when placed in your signature, it seems like more of a supplement to your email.

The point of your email might have been to build a better relationship with your client, but by adding a link or banner to a promotion in your email signature, you’ve now accomplished more than just that. 

5. Add a case study to show off your success

Case studies are a great way to demonstrate previous successes to potential clients. By adding a banner, link, or image that goes to a page of case studies, you’re showing each email recipient that you and your company can be trusted.

You can also do this with customer reviews and testimonials. If it’s short enough. You can add the testimonial, or part of it, to the signature itself. Otherwise, add a link and CTA that directs your recipient to a page containing your best case studies and testimonials. 

6. Add event details to spread the word

Hosting an event or conference? Spread the word by adding the details such as time, date, location, or a link to the invite to your email signature.

This is a great way to network and to allow your recipients the chance to attend an event and get to know you better. If you’re not hosting but you’re going to a highly-attended conference, make it known in your signature.

Add a line of text saying that you’ll be at a specific conference including the dates, and then encourage people to set a meeting with you if they’ll be there as well.

7. Let your users quickly book a demo

If you’re sending cold emails, meaning to recipients who haven’t necessarily agreed to be on your mailing list, then it can be tricky to know what to include in your message.

There’s a lot you want to say, like introducing yourself, your product or service, learning about them, and then schedule a call.

Make your message more digestible by focusing first on establishing a connection with your recipient, and add a link to schedule a demo or consultation in your signature.

You’ll still have all the information you need in your message, but it will come off less pushy.

8. Add a video for stronger impact than just text

Email signatures don’t have to be entirely text-based. Sure, your basic details or links might be in text form, but you can also add images or videos to your signature.

An image of yourself is a great way to appear more professional, approachable, and trustworthy, especially when emailing a new client who may not know who you are.

Videos make for great email signature marketing add-ons as well. You can add a small-sized video that introduces your company, a new launch, or provides a tutorial on how to use a specific product. 

9. Add a banner with seasonal a promo

Get into the festive mood by creating seasonal promotional banners that can be added to your signature. You can add a banner that promotes things like Black Friday or holiday gift specials.

This also adds an eye-catching aspect to your signature, so don’t be afraid to add other items here. You can make a banner for a giveaway, a coupon code, a free trial, an event, or so much more. 

Is your company currently recruiting? Add it to your email signature! This can be a great way to reach a potential candidate for an open position, and your HR rep will surely appreciate the effort.

Not only that but if you’re emailing clients, it’s a great way to let them know that your company is growing and successful without explicitly spelling it out for them. 

Best practices for email signature marketing

While there are endless additions you can make to your email signature to increase your marketing efforts, there are some key things to keep in mind in order to make the most of it.

1) Always include a CTA:

Regardless of what you’re adding to your signature, make sure you’re directing the recipient to take the action you desire. Be clear and concise.

2) Stay true to your brand:

If your brand often uses a minimalist design and a specific color scheme, make sure any additions to your signature reflect this. A huge, flashing colorful banner might look strange in this scenario, so always tailor any additions to your brand.

3) Keep it simple:

There are a lot of different ways you can use marketing in your email signature, but that doesn’t mean you should be using them all! Stay simple in your design not to overwhelm your recipient and focus on what’s most important.

4) Ensure your signature is responsive:

You put a lot of effort into your email signature, so you want it to function well and look good across all screens. Runs some tests just to be sure before sending your message.

5) A/B test your signature:

You A/B test subject lines and messages, so why not the signature as well? See what works better with your audience, and if you need to, tailor certain signatures to a specific segmented list to maximize results. 

6) Update your signature regularly:

Whether for seasonal sales, special events, or announcements, it’s a good idea to keep your signature fresh. Of course, don’t do it too often to maintain a sense of uniformity, but changing it once in a while is a good practice.

7) Use these techniques internally too! These email signature marketing ideas aren’t only for clients but can work well when emailing coworkers as well. You can add reminders of company events, targets, or updates in your signature to keep everyone on the same page.

Top email signature marketing software

You might be thinking that all the ideas for links, icons, or banners for your email signature seem great. But how do you actually put them into practice?

Well, you can craft images, banners, color schemes, and designs on your own. But unless you’re a graphic designer, this is time-consuming and probably won’t yield the best results.

That’s where we can Wisestamp can help you. WIseStamp is an easy-to-use email signature manager, which you can use to create personalized professional email signatures in just a few minutes, and deploy them in your private email or across the emails of thousands of employees.

Over 1 million professionals and 4000 companies are already using the WiseStmap email signature maker to market their business to generate leads. You may want to try the WiseStamp Signature Manager to see if it could work for you.

Easily set up email signature marketing campaigns in minutes

Use WiseStamp to set automated email signature marketing campaigns for every email your business sends out.

Choose from dozens of social media icons, set your own color scheme, select fonts, and easily add images all from one place. You also get tons of add-ons that let you create a complete email signature for marketing with custom buttons, banners, video thumbnail, Instagram gallery, handwritten sign-off, an email disclaimer, and more.

Add a handwritten signature for an extra touch

A little bonus we’ve seen a lot of people use is a personal handwritten signature sign-off. Many WiseStamp users use our hand signature maker to add a cursive sign-off to their email signature block. This brings a more personal feel to their email signatures. Which improves trust and conversion.

If you’re creating an email signature not just for yourself but for your entire company, you can actually assign a cursive hand signature for each employee automatically! (which WiseStamp generates based on the employee name).

How does this help your marketing strategy? Well, it’s a subtle reminder that the person behind the message is real. By evoking the sense of signing off on a document in an email, you can create a more firm connection by coming across as professional, authentic, and trustworthy. That’s always helpful when you’re adding other marketing elements to the rest of your email.

Final thoughts

Implementing new email signature marketing techniques is relatively simple and can be done with minimal effort, especially when you use simple signature tools like Wisestamp.

Update your signature from a basic name and phone number to a personalized, dynamic signature complete with marketing elements to see how it can positively impact your business.