You often hear that SEO encompasses virtually every aspect of digital marketing. It requires you to have a robust content marketing strategy, an established social media presence, and solid web design to improve crucial on-page metrics for higher rankings.  Email marketing, however, is one of the marketing branches that isn’t always explored in SEO guides. Sure, emails are typically represented as crucial outreach tools in link building campaigns, but not a lot of guides actually expound on email marketing and its true potential for SEO.

Here are four email marketing strategies to improve your website’s SEO.

1. Promoting More On-Site Engagement

It’s no secret that Google pays attention to a myriad of on-page engagement metrics when determining the rank worthiness of a website.

This includes the average session duration, traffic, bounce rate, organic click-through rate, and so on.

In a lot of ways, email marketing can bolster these metrics as well as the overall profitability of any site. The most basic example would be a simple newsletter broadcast of your latest content, which boosts traffic, gives your posts more opportunities to get links, and establish your authority as an information provider.

A free email marketing platform like MailChimp should have everything you need for these strategies to work. With its WYSIWYG or What You See Is What You Get editor, you can configure a newsletter campaign within minutes.



MailChimp also has a number of pre-made email marketing automation templates you can use to incite even more engagement. For example, the “Turn on an abandoned cart email” lets you recover lost sales from customers who ditch the checkout process on your e-commerce website — increasing your traffic while impacting your bottom line at the same time.


2. Putting Your Influencer Outreach Campaign in High Gear

As mentioned earlier, emails are used as key pieces in outreach campaigns.

More often than not, the entire process is watered down to just sending a simple email to prospective influencers — be it industry news publications or bloggers — who can reward you with high-quality backlinks.

The usual template used in these campaigns often look like this.

An email marketing campaign can accelerate your results by introducing better lead management and email design to your workflow.

Going back to MailChimp, you should be able to see how a platform with basic list management features makes outreach campaigns a lot more efficient.

Remember, an outreach expert not only churns out emails to random influencers and haphazardly shoves proposals down their throats. They also know how to forge relationships with a list of prospects and fine-tune their messaging over time — depending on how they respond to previous emails.

Prior to pitching you guest posting proposal, you can first attempt to win an influencer’s trust by giving feedback on their latest posts, sharing your content, or just communicating with them in general. List management capabilities allow you to segregate your potential influencers and adjust your email strategy accordingly.

3. Perfecting Your Email Content

At this point, you should already know that email marketing platforms are loaded with tools that will help you design professional-looking emails in no time.

It’s not rocket science: Higher quality emails lead to better responses from prospects. As such, you shouldn’t forego opportunities to up your email design game to reap the full benefits of your outreach campaign.

Starting with your web content is a step in the right direction as it’s ultimately the value you’re trying to offer recipients. You need to make it link worthy, relevant, and compelling — something that your target influencers can’t help but share to their own audience base.

There are plenty of repeatable methods that allow even non-writers to create link-worthy content. One of which is to create a roundup post that mentions the influencer’s brand or includes their contribution.

Of course, you shouldn’t forget about the design of the actual email you’re sending. For this, email marketing platforms can supply you with dozens of ready-to-use email templates and themes.

When in doubt, you can always hire freelance writers to help reinforce your content and outreach efforts. Doing so will definitely allow you to fill multiple skill and knowledge gaps in your campaign, from relationship building to SEO writing.

Another aspect that you should never neglect is your email signature. Most newbie marketers tend to jump in the whole email outreach craze with their guns blazing, thinking that the entire endeavor is just a numbers game. And because their mindset is such, they don’t bother to create a professional-looking email signature — which makes them look spammy, therefore, not reply-worthy.

Interestingly enough, creating a rocktastic email signature is insanely easy. With WiseStamp’s email signature generator tool, you can create a professional-looking signature in seconds.

Pretty neat, huh?

With a stunning email signature like that, your email is sure to stand out from the other email messages that your prospect is getting, increasing your chances of getting a reply from them. To give you some inspiration on your email signature design, you can view WiseStamp’s email signature examples here.

4. Include Social Media Elements

Finally, influencers aren’t the only ones who can provide your brand with SEO value.

By promoting your content to as many users as possible, you can exponentially increase your online reach and — in turn — expose your brand to even more influencers. You just need to include social sharing elements in your emails to get the ball rolling.

WIthout an email marketing platform, this can be done by embedding social sharing buttons to emails via HTML.

If, however, you finally decide to invest in a platform like MailChimp, you can seamlessly weave these buttons into your emails without ever touching code. Simply launch the drag-and-drop editor and look for the right element from the main content toolbar.

Aside from social sharing buttons, you can also insert buttons that lead readers straight to your social media accounts. This will enable you to leverage your email marketing campaigns to augment your social media presence, which also benefits your SEO in the long run.

Keep in mind that a strong social media presence can lead to increased traffic, more potential for links, and branded searches. The effect may be indirect, but it’s guaranteed to improve your website’s authority and rank worthiness in the eyes of search engines.

Final Words

There you have it — four simple strategies that let you utilize the power of email marketing for SEO.

As with everything in SEO, none of the strategies above is designed to deliver overnight results. Everything you’ve learned in this post takes time, diligence, and a ton of patience before you can reap the full benefits.

Jimmy Rodela is the owner and founder of the Guild of Bloggers. He is a freelance writer and content marketer.

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