Almost 300 Billion emails are sent daily (excluding Spam of course). Many of these are business oriented – this makes email the top business communication tool. What about you? Are you leveraging this powerful tool to the fullest? Do your emails bring more clients, improve your brand & increase retention? Here are some ideas to make your WiseStamp signature more professional: Get more clients:

  • Clear and simple marketing message (e.g. “WiseStamp – bringing life to emails”).
  • Contact details – phone and Skype are no brainers. Fax number work in some industries while in other your client will prefer to DM you.
  • Tip: no point in adding an email address. The client can just reply.
  • Add a LinkedIn, Constant Contact, GoogleMe or a QR app to increase interaction

Strengthen your brand:

  • Add your L-o-g-o ! (and as mentioned above – your Marketing slogan)
  • Won any awards? Add an image (but don’t clutter your signature)
  • Add social icons leading to your Youtube channel, Twitter, FB page etc.

Improve retention:

  • Designate a signature for existing clients. This can include special offers
  • Show your expertise – add your latest blog post
  • Don’t blog? show what’s new on your Facebook page

The possibilities are limitless. What’s important is to try, get feedback and try again. Don’t miss out on your daily marketing channel!   For more inspiration, take a look at our email signature ideas.