Customer retention can be a little overwhelming for your team. Especially if you don’t have the correct tactics. However, there are many ways to improve support, marketing, and development. It’s important to refresh your memory with part one of this article, which explains the basics of how to use Google analytics in order to increase Customer Retention.

With that being said, here are the top 8 ways to optimize customer retention for your small business.

1. Manage Expectations

Everything boils down to expectations. If your clients expect exceptional results and they only get fair results, they may be disappointed. If they want you to deliver decent results and they get an outstanding result, they will be excited. Therefore, if you establish low expectations, they won’t subscribe to your service initially. Thus, establish moderate and realistic expectations concerning your long-term performance.

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2. Deliver Beyond Your Promise

Deliver beyond what you offer! This means going above the board to give your customers what they don’t expect. For instance, you could provide freebies such as a product, value-add or a product. Also, you can anticipate the requirements of your customers and meet that needs proactively.

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3. Promote Loyalty

Provide your clients that reason to stay with you instead of going to your competitor. This demands a bit of creativity. You can discover your unique selling point that sets your brand apart. It could be providing value add that makes your clients feel they are getting more value for what they pay for.

4. Remain Transparent

If your clients begin to lose trust in your brand, they may leave. The best approach is to build and sustain trust, which you can achieve by becoming more transparent as much as you can. Supply them with the data they need. This incorporates communicating with them regularly via updates and meetings. Also, address their issues proactively before they degenerate.

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5. Personalize relationship

While most of your customer relationships will be fashioned after a B2B partnership, there will be one individual at the core of that relationship. Therefore, inject personal touches to those interactions. You can share hand-written notes, personal exchanges, and small gifts.

6. Change

Good enterprises don’t maintain the status quo. They update, transform, patch, and evolve with changing times. They continuously search for ways to provide the best experience for their customers. Changing your business processes and offerings can communicate that you offer value and you intend to retain your customers for a longer time.

7. Accept feedback

Since you don’t know what your customers’ requirement is, you can conduct a survey and ask your clients to provide feedback. That way, you can know what you are missing and which aspects need improvement.

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8. Offer value

You can prove that you add more value to your customers than what they are paying for. That way, they will lack logical reasons to leave. Always prioritize measurable outcomes when reporting. This will provide you an edge over others and improve your bottom line significantly.

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Customer retention is not a one-time switch, which you can strike as a one-off effort. It is a series of activities that you will need to work and enhance over time. With the help of Google Analytics, you can maximize your ability to optimize your customer retention rates.