For all our WiseStamp Beta testers – a new beta version with major improvements and exciting brand new capabilities is up. Please give us your feedback. The major improvement in this version is what we call – Email Apps! 2010-07-12_1803

What are the Email Apps?

Email Apps will make your emails more efficient, by adding functional elements, dynamic content and spice to your interactions. WiseStamp Apps enable you to do any of the following:

  • Share –  Share your recent Twitter / Digg / Delicous / Stumbleupon activity in every email you send! Simply add your username (no URLs needed!). Your recipient can even interact with it !(e.g. rewteet, Digg, Comment etc.)
  • Promote –  Increase traction to your blog, business or maybe support a cause by including a relevant banner.
  • Be efficient – include pre-defined disclaimers, Green footers, Alternating Sign-offs.
  • Add spice – share a random quote. Choose a category and your email signature will contain a random quote: funny, inspirational , love…

Our Email Apps are currently used by our WiseStamp beta testers and will become public and available to all soon. No worries, you can join our WiseStamp beta users right now, and immediately get a taste of our Email Apps platform!

How can I enjoy the new Email Apps ?

All you have to do is to join our beta channel users by downloading our new beta version from here:

How can I add a WiseStamp App to my signature?

Very simple: Go to the WiseStamp editor, click the Apps tab and click on the WiseStamp App you’d like to add. Now, click on “add to signature” button that will appear and add the required fields (e.g. your Twitter nickname).

Can I add more than one WiseStamp App?

Of course! Add and edit your WiseStamp Apps until you create your perfect signature!!