As a small business owner, you can’t do everything all the time. If you try and keep on top of everything yourself then all you’re going to do is burn yourself out. The way that many business owners are getting around this now is by outsourcing the content they need. Here’s why outsourcing can be the best option, and some of the best places to hire from.

Why outsourcing is the best option

There can be many times when outsourcing can be the best thing for you and your business. Yes, you know your business best. You built it from the ground up, and made it a success. It’s not a surprise that you don’t want to hand over any control to someone else.

However, there’s plenty of reasons why you should outsource. You don’t have to do it all the time. The joy of hiring freelancers is that you can hire them on an as needed basis. When you have the time to dedicate to making content, you can go back to making it yourself.

Also, there’s the talent available to consider. As good as you are, you may not be a master wordsmith, or photographer. If you want your business to do well online, you’re going to need to hire someone who can bring the talent needed. You’ll be amazed at the level of content you can buy online.

Outsourcing your content creation often makes an awful lot of sense. You need someone who can create something unique for you, and there’s hundreds of people online willing to do that for you. Why spend the time doing it yourself, when someone with the right skills can do it for you? With that in mind, here are some of the best content creation sites around.


Video is becoming one of the more popular content delivery methods online. This is thanks to sites like Youtube, where people are getting information from entertaining videos and content creators. You can use videos on your site, or on social media to grab a reader’s attention as they’re scrolling through.

Dreamstime: What’s important about the video you buy is that it’s professionally produced. Anyone can make a video on their phone, but the quality that comes from a professional videographer really shines through. You can buy excellent quality video from this site, royalty free.

Fotolia: This service from Adobe offers some of the highest quality video available online. You can even buy 4K videos from the creators that work here. You can pick videos depending on the assets rights, so you can make sure that you have a video that’s available for you to use, with no issues. This is becoming more important online, where content is being shared around now more than ever.

Pond 5: This site has a brilliant selection of videos that are royalty free. That means that once you’ve paid for them, you can use them as you wish. Many business owners have been caught out by this before, so it’s worth knowing that images here are safe to use. You can even buy 360 degree videos, something that’s becoming more popular in marketing as of late.



Text makes up the bulk of your content online, so it’s something that’s crucial to get right. That’s why if you buy any content, it’s got to be text. Here’s the best places online to get your press releases and blogs.

Assignment Writing Service: This site offers their writing services to companies, so you can get anything from product descriptions to social media posts written here. However, they also offer proofreading and editing services. This is something that you may not have thought of until now. If you’re writing your own content, it’s vital that it’s proofread before it goes live. If you don’t have the time to do it, they can help you out.

Academized: This site is a good place to go when you need regular blogs or other content written for your site. The writers here can be hired on one off or an ongoing basis, so it’s up to you how long you’ll use their services for. Keeping your website regularly updated is vital to keeping conversion rates up, so this service is one you should really take advantage of.

Write My Paper: The problem some business owners have with writing content is that it needs to go out so quickly If you want to be keeping up with the trends, then you have no choice but to be constantly updating your site. Of course, you have other things to do so it isn’t as easy as that. Hire this writing service, and they can turn content around for you in a matter of hours. That way you get your content while being able to focus on the important jobs that need doing at work.



Of course, no website can be all text or no one would visit it. Images are the best way to set the tone you want for your content, and show off your products in the best light. Here’s the best places to buy images, and why you need them.

Getty Images: There’s thousands of images available on this site, but it’s easy to find what you need. Photos are all grouped into categories, and there’s something for nearly everyone in there. If you can’t find it in the categories, you can search for it, no problem. Whatever you need, the right photo will be available for you to use.

Deposit Photos: You may think you can skip the photos, or that you have to, in order to save costs. However, you’d be amazed at how cheap it can be to buy them. From this site, you can buy high quality images from just 18 cents. That’s incredibly cheap, and those photos can make your content or site look incredibly professional. When you look at it like that, it’s well worth spending the money to get those images.

Big Stock Photo: It’s not just photos that are available to you as a business owner. You can create any aesthetic you like, using stock images. Why not try illustrated images, or vector images in order to create your own branding? You would be amazed how much you can do with some stock imagery and a little imagination.



Once you’ve bought your content, you need to check it to ensure that it’s unique to you, and ready for use. Use these tools to quickly and accurately give your content the once over.

  • Easy Word Count: You need to know that the content you’ve bought is the right length for you and your needs. Paste the work into this tool, and it will give you a quick and accurate word count. It will also highlight any misspellings if there are any.
  • Cite It In: Many pieces will require research and quotes from other sources, you don’t want to be accused of plagiarism thanks to a slightly incorrectly cited source. Use this tool to make sure that all the citations are correct.
  • Plagiarism Checker: This tool is essential. Paste the content you’ve bought into this tool, and it can tell you if any of it has been plagiarised from elsewhere. That way you know your content is 100% original and ready to use.
  • EXIF Metadata Reader: If you’ve ordered photos for your site, you can use this site to get all of the needed data from it. It’s a good way to check that it is an original photo.


Why your content is so important

So, you have all these tools and sites with which to buy all the content you could ever want. But, why is content so important? Why do you need to buy it? Can’t you do this all yourself?

Well, of course you could. There’s no reason, if you’re a talented writer, photographer, or director, not to make that content yourself and save some cash. Even the most talented creators know when they have to outsource though.

The bigger question is why is this content so important, after all? The short answer is because it’s what’s selling you to the public. Content is anything that will be attached to your name online. That’s a lot of responsibility for whoever’s in charge. If your business is just you on your own, do you want to take responsibility for that as well as everything else you do?

Good content will bring the customers in. It’s that simple. It shows anyone looking at your site that you’re a professional, that you care about the details and that you have something to offer. The best small businesses create blogs or constantly update social media with what they’re doing. They even keep up with what’s happening in the industry, so they can share that with their readers.

Good content shows that you care about what your readers see when they find you. It’s useful to them, interesting, and well worth sharing. It’s what gets the word out about you and what you do.

So, as you can see, getting your content right is incredibly important. When it goes wrong, it can damage your reputation and even give potential customers the wrong idea about you. When it’s right though, you can really go far.

Give these sites a try the next time you need content for your business. It’s amazing the difference some good quality content can make to your sales. It can save you a whole lot of time, too.