Pinterest, the online pinboard is gaining high popularity. We have received many requests from our WiseStampers to include Pinterest among our supported social services, so…

Pintersters – this post is for you! and you are going to love it!  We have just added 2 new and effective ways, for you to easily promote your Pinterest with WiseStamp. Promote your Pinterest:

    1. Share your Profile – Pinterest is now officially part of our growing list of supported social services. You can now easily include your Pinterest profile as part of your email signature
    2. Grow your fans – With the new Pinterest Email App you can now easily add an official Pinterest “follow me” button to every email you send and grow the followers of your profile and boards.

Add Pinterest to your signature:

Add Pinterest to every email using Wisestamp email signature editor

Get your signature featured on Pintrest:

Here is what you should do:

      1. Follow WiseStamp on Pinterest
      2. Share your signature on Facebook or Twitter
      3. Pin your signature page and Make sure to Tag @WiseStamp in the description.
    1. We will repin your shared signatures and add it to our special “

Your signature Here

    1. ” board – featuring your email signatures. If you love Pinterest as we do, you should

follow WiseStamp

    1. On Pinterest!

Pinterest Email Signature

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