We are very excited to introduce you to the WiseStamp Email Apps Platform. Hope you’re ready to bring your emailing to a whole new level of functionality and interaction! Just think about how many emails you send and receive in a day. Imagine if every one of them promoted something that was important to you. WiseStamp’s new Email Apps enables you to automatically update your emails with the most important information regarding your business or personal life. Since you’re sending all those emails anyway, it only makes sense to use them to promote the things you care about the most.

What are Email Apps?

Email Apps are applications that connect your emails to the things you want people to know about. For example, do you sell stuff on eBay? Include a dynamic, automatically updated link to your latest item for sale. Do you use Twitter to promote your business? Have your latest tweet automatically show up in your emails. Or, if you’re a blogger you can have your email signature automatically include your latest blog post. Check out our Email Apps Gallery for the full list of apps currently available. And make sure to check back because the list will keep on growing, giving you more opportunities to personalize your email signature in the best way for you.

We’ve got partners

In order to provide you with all these amazing applications, we have partnered with an array of websites, services and publishers like StumbleUpon, Digg and Plancast and more… It is these partnerships that enable our users to share the services they love in every email.

Find out more about:  WiseStamp Goodies Gallery

It’s interactive too

Since only someone’s latest Digg would just not be cool enough, here is the clincher: WiseStamp Email Apps creates a direct connection between your email and the relevant websites. So, for example, on the Twitter app in your email you’ll have “follow”, “retweet” and “reply” buttons that lead users straight to those actions on Twitter.com. On the eBay App you’ll have buttons for the recipient to purchase the item on eBay, etc.

You’ll wonder how you ever lived without it 🙂

An email signature is a place of honor in every email and now, with WiseStamp’s award-winning add-on, you’ll be able to express what is really important to you or your business in an automated and interactive way. Join our over one million happy users and start promoting what you care about in every email you send!

Check out the video tour:

Currently available for Firefox and Chrome

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4 comments on “Are you ready for Email Apps? Well, they’re ready for you!

  • So when will this be available for Thunderbird 3 and Postbox? I tried, to no avail, to manipulate the .rdf file but it looks like there is more to it than just simple versioning.

    Please please update this over to those email apps as soon as you can. Not everyone likes to log into Gmail/ Yahoo to do their mail. Many people prefer a client.

    Thank you.

  • Dear friend,

    this is very nice, but I am still wating for the capacity of this plugin to add more than two assings… When you think do it? It’s very nice, especially for who has many diferents emails.



  • I really like Wise Stamp I only wish I could store more than 2 signatures. Any chance you’ll add more storage?

  • @Jonathan, Julio and Aaron :
    Thanks for your comments. Yes to all! We have many exciting things in our pipe line so all we can say is…Stay tuned 😉

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