As CEO or manager of your business you might be very aware of your company’s financial situation, but did you know that you are currently losing money every time your employees send an email? Every email sent from your company is an opportunity to market your brand, and if you are not using this opportunity then you are missing out on potential lead generation, and future sales. By using a professional email signature for your entire team you can generate more leads for your business, and increase your sales with only a few minutes work on your part. newsletter signature Using an email signature tool like WiseStamp business signature manager not only promotes your branding, and gives you an added level of professionalism and respectability with every email you send. It is also a tool in itself for driving traffic to your site. By simply updating your team signatures to include a link to your website on your entire team’s email signature, you drive more traffic to your site, and by adding social media buttons or a banner for an event or sale you drive more traffic to the pages that are important to you and your business to promote. As well as being a fantastic promotional tool, by using WiseStamp you also provide an extra level of control over your employee signatures. With each signature centrally managed from an easy to use dashboard, you can closely control the messaging that your team is using in external communications, and guarantee a standardized corporate message. This can save you money in the future by not suffering through “individual” email signatures that could cause problems for your business, or damage your reputation. disclaimer signature example 1