It’s no secret. We all want to come up with the best tweets – tweets that will delight, inform and entertain. But with 500 million tweets sent per day, it can be really difficult to figure out what works.

In this post I’ve collected the best tweets of 2015 – celebrity tweets, funny tweets and best brand tweets and have delved deep to look for insights into what made them so popular.

Learning from the best is the first step to creating your own.  


Celebrity Tweets


Carrie Fisher @carrieffisher

Just from Carrie Fisher’s twitterfeed, I’d say, that she’s just the nicest lady (or should I say princess?) around. What contributes to the magic of her feed is that it’s so authentic, fun and playful. And because she retweets so much of the fan love that she gets, it makes you want to reach out to her and connect.

Her most retweeted/liked tweet:

First of all – what a great poster! And then the fact that Carrie conveys her excitement in-character and making a plea to Luke and referring to the force. Well, what else can we ask for? It’s as if Princess Leia as her authentic self is reaching to us live from her twitterfeed.

The takeaway: Be authentic; to yourself, to your brand. Love your fans, have plenty of fun and live up to the legend that is you.

Simon Cowell@simoncowell

While Simon Cowell is quick with his remarks, scowls and put-downs, his twitterfeed lends itself to a different voice. In fact, it’s so different that you can’t help think that Simon is actually nice. There’s no nastiness or grouchiness, just a guy that loves what he does, loves promoting the talents he finds, and loves his family.

His most retweeted/liked tweet:

Simon’s proud of his band One Direction (he co-created it) and what he thinks is their best album. Apparently many agree with him and are happy to retweet the love.

The takeaway:  Simon’s mix of personal and professional tweets. Be human and never an ass.

Katy Perry @katyperry

Katy Perry is a role model for girls and women alike. In her twitterfeed her boldness is expressed in entertaining tweets that excite, empower and offer you a glimpse of the Katy Perry behind the pop star.  

Her most retweeted/liked tweet:

It sounds like the girl in the picture is Katy Perry herself as a child. And while I don’t know why she chose February 1st to share it, there’s a supremely important lesson here for both girls and women: Dare to dream. Believe in yourself and your worth. And no apologies. It will pay off.

The takeaway: Provide value. Be a role model and go beyond the call of duty.  


Funny Tweets


The Bloggess – @thebloggess

Through her snarky, witty and often inspirational blog, Jenny Lawson, a.k.a. the bloggess, has turned her depression into a to art-form (and by this I under no circumstances undermine the seriousness of depression. In fact, by being so open about it, she’s doing incredible things and making the world a better place).

The Bloggess’ twitterfeed is packed with pictures from her Instagram account but also with moments from her life.

When she recently tweeted an embarrassing moment, she couldn’t have known the “me too” effect it would spark in her followers. Sure, her embarrassing moment will have you laughing; but reading the responses she ignited will have you guffawing. So just make sure you don’t read them at work while you’re supposed to be doing some serious work.  

We’ve all experienced embarrassing moments. Lawson’s grandeur is in her ability to highlight the dimensions of our pain. And her message is so penetrating that a minor tweet about an embarrassing exchange has the potency to turn the vulnerable human spirit into an invincibly funny one.

The takeaway: If your brand is being represented on Twitter, make sure your site, your content and your social media platforms are aligned. Let your brand’s personality show and be consistent.

manwhohasitall – @manwhohasitall

If you’re a working mom, manwhohasitall has got your back. For some reason, working mothers are often given the most ridiculous advice about balancing their career with parenting. @manwhohasitall uses his Twitter account to offer “top tips for men juggling a successful career and fatherhood.” Somehow when you take the same stupid advice given to a woman all of a sudden it becomes absurd, sexist and wrong.    

The best part about it though, is that it’ll put a smile and your face.

The takeaway: Whatever your message may be, seek to entertain. This is especially true if you’re a business. Nobody’s going to promote your business for the sake of promoting your business. Entertain them and they’ll want to promote your business, because you’ve provided something worthwhile.


Best Brand Tweets



We love Nike and we love their stories. The reason? Because time and time again, Nike makes us the hero. Those everyday people? In everyday scenarios? They’re you and me. They’re telling our story. And we’re going to win. No matter what. Sometimes just by showing up.

We can’t help loving this ad. Every part of it. It resonates so deeply within us. In the very fibres of our yearning for success and doing the impossible.

The takeaway: Know your brand’s story. And if you don’t know it yet, uncover it. Dig deep. Your product isn’t the hero. Its users are. Focus on them. 


When it comes to luxury cars nobody does it better than Mercedes-Benz. In fact, many innovations that started out in Mercedes-Benz cars, later became standard in other vehicles.

And though they’ve been around for so long, Mercedes-Benz continues to stay on top of their game.  

Their tweet is genius. Playtime=over. Kids and uncrashable cars don’t go together. And the element of the commercial? Sheer brilliance; a subtle dance between sophistication and its dearth. The ultimate sophistication here is the safety feature of the new Mercedes-Benz cars and we can’t help loving it and wanting it.

However, they could have gone one step further. And maybe they still will. You know those “uncrashable” cars the kids are playing with? They don’t really exist. Mercedes-Benz only created them to produce the commercial.

The takeaway: Know your brand’s story. And know your target audience so well that when they ask for a product you can provide it. Some products may be toys. But they can strengthen your brand. Don’t miss opportunities to listen to your consumers and deliver what they want.  

What was your favorite 2015 tweet? What marketing lesson did you learn from it? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.