Gmail apps are useful for:

  1. Organization
  2. Productivity
  3. CRM (customer relationship management)

We recently covered the latest feature updates that Google rolled out for Gmail. These new features improve everything from security to organization to productivity, and therefore, make many Gmail apps obsolete. But you don’t have to use the latest Gmail Inbox version.  If you prefer, you can still use the “old” Gmail and continue using Gmail apps, which already have millions of combined users and great ratings.  

For example, our Gmail app, WiseStamp, is an easy-to-use email signature tool that helps you promote your business with every email you send. You can choose from a dozen professionally designed templates and find inspiration with these stunning email signature examples.

But what other Gmail apps should you be using? No need to sift through the Chrome Extension Store; we’ve done the research for you!

Whether you’re looking to enhance your organization, boost your productivity, improve business relationships or more, here are the top 5 Gmail apps (in addition to WiseStamp) to download now!


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Purpose: Email Scheduling

Rating: 4 stars

Users: 1.6M active Chrome users

Price: Free (premium plans start at $4.99/mo)

Do you love sending email at all hours of the night but hate that “sent at 3:16AM” timestamp? Do you need reminders to follow up or reply to emails that have been sitting in your inbox longer than an hour? Then you’ll love Boomerang! This app lets you schedule when your emails are sent, so you can compose at 4am and set it to be delivered at 9am. You can also have your email “boomerang” back to you if it’s gone unreplied.

ACtive inbox


Purpose: Task manager

Rating: 5 stars

Users: 33K active Chrome users

Cost: Free two-week trial; starts at $4.16/mo

If you’ve ever used Outlook, you know how useful it can be for keeping you on top of tasks. Gmail can feel a little lacking in comparison. But with ActiveInbox, you can transform your Gmail into an easy-to-use task manager, just like Outlook. Never miss a “to-do” or reply late again with this Gmail app!

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Check Plus for Gmail

Purpose: Productivity

Rating: 5 stars

Users: 1.1M

Cost: Free

If you’re looking for a streamlined way to manage multiple Gmail accounts, then this is the app for you. The other beautiful thing about Checker Plus is that it allows you to get push notifications of email and preview the email content without even having Gmail open. You can even read and reply to email without having to have Gmail open—it’s the perfect Gail app for multitasking!

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Purpose: Insights

Rating: 4.5 stars

Users: 950K

Cost: Free

Wondering if your email recipient opened your email? With Mailtrack, the guessing game is over. This useful app lets you know whether your recipient has opened your email or not. You can see when the recipient first opened your email and how many subsequent times they’ve read it. This Gmail app may be super sneaky, but it’s incredibly useful!



Purpose: Security

Rating: 4 stars

Users: 11K

Cost: Free        

We all know how risky it can be sending sensitive information via email. But sometimes, you can’t avoid it. The good news: SnapMail is a Gmail app that has your security covered! SnapMail is a hacker’s worst nightmare. With this Gmail app, you can encrypt your emails so you can send sensitive info like account numbers, contracts and more without the fear of it getting stolen.


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