Tumblr is making waves in the news with the rumored 1.1 Billion Dollar acquisition bid from Yahoo. We thought we would take this opportunity to let you guys know about our Tumblr email app which has become one of our most downloaded apps. For those of you who do have Tumblr, WiseStamp allows for you to easily broadcast your most recent posts through your email signature. Put your signature to work and get your Tumblr out to the world!

Tumblr Email Signature For those of you who are unfamiliar with Tumblr, and even for those of you who are, here is my countdown for top 3 Tumblrs of the day: 3. Rules for My Unborn Son – a Mother gives advice and sets boundaries for her future son. 2. Lunch Bag Art – Great platform for artists to share their lunch bag art work – don’t miss out on the colorfully painted bananas! 1. AND MY TOP Tumblr IS: All That is Interesting – ATI gives a wonderful insight into art, history, animals and a wide range of cultural features throughout the world. What caught my eye was the huge range of beautiful pictures and stories to go along with them.

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