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These are the must-have features for an email signature:

-Dynamic content

-Call-to-action buttons

-Animated GIFs

At WiseStamp, we’re always working on innovative ways to help you brand and grow your business. That’s why we’re excited to introduce our latest feature: Animated GIFs for your email signature!

Before we explain the value of the animated GIF, let’s remember that a good  email signature:

-Increases email replies by 32%

-Increased email engagement by 22%

-Increases business leads by 15%

GIF email signature
GIFs boost email performance

So, if you’re not already using an email signature, create yours for free now with the WiseStamp email signature maker.

Why your signature needs a GIF  

First of all, what is a GIF? Good question! A “GIF” is a type of photo or image file (just like jpeg, png etc). However, it’s neither a still image nor a video but a combination of the two! A GIF consists of animated images, and it’s been around since the dawn of the Internet. But, interestingly, this simple visual element has recently become more popular than ever.

Why are GIFs so popular? It follows the general trend that the entire Internet is experiencing: An obsession with visual content. From infographics to video to GIFs, digital content is becoming more about what you see than what you read.

Creating the right GIF for your brand

GIFs are terrific at instantly conveying the feeling and spirit of your brand. You can easily create the tone of your GIF by selecting the right images, photo effects and transition effect. Let’s look at some examples:


If your area of work involves creativity, then you want to create a GIF that expresses an artistic, free-thinking vibe. Try using one of the brighter, more colorful photo filters to make your GIF pop. Also, make sure one of your two photos displays a piece of work from your portfolio.  

GIF email signature


If your industry is more traditional, like financial services, law or consulting, you want your GIF to project an image of professionalism, trustworthiness and experience. Use a headshot and your business logo as your two images and do not add any photo effects. Choose either the “fade” or “clean swipe” transition effect to convey a more serious tone.

GIF email signature


If your business is breaking the mold and meant to disrupt, then you need a GIF that conveys a sense of innovation. We recommend choosing a cool-tone photo effect (bright light or blue tone) and adding the “pixel” transition. It will give your GIF a techy, forward-thinking feel! You can also choose photos that represent the change your business is making in your industry or the problem you are aiming to solve. Let’s look at the GIF in the signature example below! The company “Inbox Tamer” offers an app that helps manage inbox productivity. To show this, they got creative by using a picture of a “full inbox” (the “before”) that transitions to an “empty inbox” (the “after”). In just two photos, their GIF communicates the value of their product, and you can do the same!

GIF email signature


Would you describe your business as playful? If so, your GIF should match your playful attitude! This type of GIF is perfect for event planners, childcare providers, travel guides and any other professional who lives to deliver fun and playful experiences. To inject some fun into your GIF, choose a happy, smiling headshot of yourself and something that represents your product or service. Then apply two different, colorful photo filters—like a bright transition between orange and blue. Add the final touch with the “circle” or “pixel” transition.

GIF email signature


Are you a “people” business? If you are in a very client-facing, social industry, like real estate, sales, tourism, etc., you need a GIF that charms your clients as much as you do. For starters, choose a friendly, inviting headshot of yourself with a slight smile. For your second photo, add another headshot with a much bigger smile; as if you are laughing. This will re-create the in-person reaction you’d have when meeting someone face to face—the initial smile of recognition, followed by the bigger smile of actually connecting. It’s a great way to represent your open, sociable personality.

real estate signature

To sum up

These are just five suggestions within a world of possibilities! Creating your GIF is as simple as adding two photos and a transition effect. But the impact of having a GIF in your signature is huge.