How vcita saved time & money
automating their email signatures 

Who is vcita?

vcita is a business management platform that helps business owners manage the fundamentals of their business: money, time, clients, and marketing. Based in Seattle & Tel Aviv, vcita’s easy-to-use app enables teams to run their entire business online, turning time-consuming tasks like scheduling, payment collection, and marketing into simple, one-click operations.

The vcita challenge

Time-consuming email signature management

As a company whose core business involves making business management faster, easier, and more productive, the vcita team was surprised to learn how time-consuming their own email signature management is.

When it came time to update their email signatures, vcita’s process was a slow and complex mess. Precious IT and Marketing hours were invested in creating and customizing every signature and making sure every employee embedded it in their email, which many times ended unsuccessfully.

The WiseStamp solution

Automating the entire process

In WiseStamp for Teams, vcita found an efficient management solution just like their own market-leading app. With WiseStamp’s automation capabilities, email signature design, integration, assignment, and administration are now simple procedures that take little time from all department’s schedule.

For vcita it means that company-wide email signature updates demand far fewer resources than before. In fact, the operation is now more of a “set it and forget it” kind of process, with 100% implementation success.

Every hour counts

Every vcita user knows that in business management, time is money. When calculating the overall time saved by each department, the ROI advantage of WiseStamp for Teams becomes clear.

Weighing in IT hours spent setting up signatures for new employees then chasing them to verify implementation, adding Design and Marketing hours devoted to email signature creation, seasonal changes and promotions, and topping it all with the time it takes employees to apply their signatures, the WiseStamp investment is a no-brainer.

Creating a unified brand language

With an efficient, time-saving signature management solution in place, now there’s more time to invest in other important business aspects.

For vcita and its users, branding is a major part of business. Having a unified brand language across all email signatures is crucial for creating a strong and consistent brand identity. Before using WiseStamp, not every vcita employee had an email signature at all, while some employees preferred to personalize their signatures. 

It created confusion and diluted the brand’s presence across this very important communication channel. Now, vcita’s realigned, unified brand language ensures that the brand is recognizable in every email sent, creating a more consistent engagement with clients.

Supporting each team’s goals

Along with improved ROI, WiseStamp is also a crucial tool for vcita’s diverse marketing and engagement goals. vcita’s marketing and communication operations are divided into different departments, each with their own needs and wants.

WiseStamp for Teams helps vcita support each team’s unique objectives, embedding an online demo scheduler for Sales agents, a webinar announcement for Customer Success and a campaign banner for Marketing, all while maintaining a cohesive brand language across all signatures.

Join +10K companies worldwide that already use WiseStamp to upgrade their email signatures

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