How Ogen uses WiseStamp to create opportunities and change lives

Who is Ogen?

A pioneering nonprofit organization that provides interest-free and low-interest loans, along with valuable financial guidance, to individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits who are overlooked by banking institutions. With more than 75,000 life-changing loans totaling over $2 billion, Ogen is now on a journey to become Israel’s first digital, not-for-profit social bank.

The Ogen challenge

1. Becoming one cohesive entity

Ogen emerged from the merger of six distinct nonprofits: three specializing in loans and credit for small businesses and three focusing on financial mentoring.

When Ogen began their strategic rebranding their main challenge was to unify these entities into a single organization, to allow easy recognition for clients, investors, and donors. 
A major part of this process was establishing a uniform signature for everyone. 

ogen group team
2. Efficiently managing email signatures

Most of Ogen’s communication is done via email – from raising awareness to communicating with financial and government institutions. Yet Ogen’s email signature management was a mess, with each user creating and implementing independently.

“It was a catastrophe”, says Amir Moshe, Marketing Communication Manager at Ogen. “Most employees don’t know how to embed signatures on Outlook. It required a lot of tinkering, and looked unprofessional.”

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The WiseStamp Solution

Consistency means professionalism

Choosing WiseStamp proved essential in ensuring a consistent and professional image for the now-rebranded, unified Ogen. The centralized management system enabled easy alignment of the organization’s image across all signatures.

Now Ogen receives constant positive feedback from clients who admire the signature’s professional look, and also from within the organization – “Every new employee immediately asks when he will get the signature”, says Amir. 

review by amir moshe from ogen group

Security comes first

Since many of their emails contain classified financial information, Ogen had to conduct a thorough security check before implementing WiseStamp. Luckily, with WiseStamp’s certified protection mechanisms and advanced security practices, Ogen has become confident in the safety and privacy of their email content. 

Find out more in our Security Portal.

Making the rules

WiseStamp’s advanced signature management capabilities enable organizations to create different signatures for different needs and ensure the right signature reaches only the right people.

Amir gives us a classic example: “We created a banner for our annual Ogen conference, but whenever it showed up on our internal emails it was just a distraction. The answer was easy – we set up different rules for Internal and External signatures, and just kept on rocking”.

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Making a difference in every email

As a nonprofit, Ogen benefits from WiseStamp’s commitment to positive change, receiving a special discounted rate. This partnership aligns with WiseStamp’s mission, to support hundreds of nonprofits worldwide and provide a platform that promotes positive values in every email.

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Email signatures as a marketing tool

Ogen is making good use of their signature advertising space to reach their target audiences. Running constant banner campaigns to promote their services, raise donations, and announce events, WiseStamp has become an essential tool in Ogen’s Marketing tool set. “We just started measuring impressions and engagement, and we’re currently not even using its full potential”, says Amir. “As our branding grows, WiseStamp becomes more valuable to our organization”.

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