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Why Google Apps for Work is Your Marketing Team’s Secret Weapon

Why Google Apps for Work is Your Marketing Team's Secret Weapon

The right productivity tools can be the magic sauce that enhances your marketing team’s efficiency and quality of work. There are hundreds of fantastic tools available, but Google Apps for Work is the secret weapon that will provide your team with everything they need, in one place.

Easily share documents and collaborate on projects

An easy collaboration solution is essential for your team’s success in working together as a unit and producing content that include everyone’s input. With Google Doc a document can be easily shared with one or more members of your team, and they can also be invited to edit the document as well. By using the commenting feature you can tag people to give them specific assignments, or just leave notes to clarify an idea.

Google Apps for Work collaboration

Shared Calendars

Want to remind Ben that he has an important meeting on Thursday? Add it to his calendar! And you don’t want anyone to forget about the office party on Friday, so make sure it’s on the calendar as well. With the shared calendar feature it’s easy for everyone on your marketing team to schedule meetings and events that fit in with everyone’s schedule.




Quick access to your data from any device

Google Apps for Work is a cloud based tool which means that all of your files and documents, as well as your calendar and email, are available to you at any time and from any device. So if you need quick access to an important document while out for lunch, you can just pull it up on your phone or borrow your friend’s laptop, and you have it right there.


Google Apps for Work sharing documents

No more lost data

Another benefit of working on a cloud-based system is that all of your work is automatically saved as you go along. So if your computer unexpectedly shut down and you forgot to save, there is no need to panic because you will still find everything right as you left it, in Google Drive.

Google Apps for Work in the clouds

Customized apps to meet your team’s needs

Google Apps offers you the ability to customize it with those tools that would most benefit your team.

Here are some of our favorite team solutions:

Boomerang– When working with teammates or clients in different time zones, you want to make sure that your emails are delivered at the most convenient time for your recipient. Boomerang allows you to do this by helping you schedule your emails in advance.



WiseStamp for Business offers a customized team signature solution that allows you to easily manage all your employees’ signature updates in seconds.



Streak makes it possible to manage all of your CRM tasks from within your Gmail account, helping you work more efficiently.


GQueues allows you to create, assign and rearrange tasks for yourself and your employees, from within your inbox or calendar.




Which Google Apps for Work tools does your marketing team use? We’d love to hear about them here!

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