17 Essential Online Tools for Legal Teams

Here is the answer which I will give to President Roosevelt…Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.  – Sir Winston Churchill Sure, building

Here is the answer which I will give to President Roosevelt…Give us the tools, and we will finish the job.  – Sir Winston Churchill

Sure, building a successful law firm requires successful acquisitions, internal growth and increasing revenue-per-lawyer. But on a more basic level, for a team of attorneys, paralegals and assistants to work together; making the most of available online tools and using ones that that will help you and your team get more done in a day using less effort.

I hope that this list of 17 essential online tools will help your team work smart, freeing you up to spend more time on building a successful law firm.


  • Business Email Signature – Using WiseStamp’s team solution for Google Apps you can centrally manage your legal team’s emails from one dashboard. You can ensure total compliance over your company signatures by updating all email signatures in seconds.


  • Streak – Stay on top of your client base with a customer relations management (CRM) system inside Gmail.


  • Boomerang –  This must-have app makes it simple to schedule emails to be sent later, reminds you to follow-up on emails you sent but didn’t receive a reply from, and reminds you to act on actionable emails.  The best part – it works within Gmail.


  • HelloSign for Gmail  – Does it always seem like somebody needs an urgent signature? With HelloSign you can sign, fill out, send, retrieve and save documents without a hassle.



The Cloud

  • Google Apps for Work – Google offers professional email, online storage, shared calendars, video meetings and more. The apps are specifically designed for business and teams to share and collaborate securely. Because almost everyone uses Google and the interface is intuitive, these tools can also be used to effectively collaborate and keep in touch.



  • Dropbox – Use Dropbox to safely, securely, and easily store all of your documents as well as share and access them on your desktop and mobile devices. You can also use Drobox to collaborate team efforts on shared folders as well as share selected files and folders with non-team members.



  • Evernote – Use Evernote to take notes, store legal research and collaborate with other lawyers. You can even use it to import business cards to your contacts. Evernote is a great tool to record any type of information and easily access it and works across all devices seamlessly.



  • Boxcryptor – Discretion is vital in the legal profession and it also applies to using the cloud. Use Boxcryptor for a fast and easy way to encrypt your Dropbox and other cloud-based files and information. Access all your files anytime, anywhere, from courts or your offices.


Scheduling & Meetings

  • Doodle.com – Trying to arrange a meeting that involves several people is a time-sucking hassle. Use Doodle to make scheduling simple.


  • World Time Buddy – The global village we live in makes it simple for you to have clients, suppliers or even staff members around the world.  World Time Buddy will be your best friend, enabling you to effortlessly compare multiple time zones, plan conference calls, international phone calls and web meetings.


  • Join.me – Is a powerful meeting tool that makes screen sharing easy and provides unlimited audio.


Time tracking

  • Toggl – Don’t let time fly. Toggl is a fantastic tool that makes it so easy to stay on track with billable hours and ensure your efficiency as well as that of your team’s.



  • UberConference – Use this app for your next conference call. It’s free and easy and you don’t need a pin number. It’s such a well-thought-out app, that you’ll never need to ask “who joined? or “who said that?”


  • Google Voice – Use Google Voice to make cost-free calls between each other, leave voicemail as easily as email, and much more.


  • Hellofax – Yes, some people still send faxes. With HelloFax you can conveniently send and receive faxes online.



  • Canva  – Canva makes graphic design simple for everyone. Create professional graphics with the click of a mouse and use them on your website or in your presentations.


Legal Forms

  • FindLegalForms – This is the place to find high-quality legal documents that you won’t pay an arm and a leg for. The forms are attorney-prepared and up-to-date and guaranteed to be valid in your state.


What essential online tools do you use in your legal office?