Using Polls To Survey your Target Market There are so many moving parts to Google+ and there are some hidden gems. These hidden gems are basically different parts of Google+ that you can use to grow your business. Just think of the hidden gems as Secret Social Media Agents. Let’s take a look at the first one which are Polls. When you use Polls on Google+, you can survey your target audience to see what they are thinking. By finding out what they are thinking, you can actually craft your content or online marketing to meet the needs of your target market. Google+ poll image   Case in point, the Polls example that you see here, is one that I conducting about a blog post I wanted to write. I asked my target audience what title I should use for the post. The final post title that was selected, gained 67% of the vote. It ended up being what I used to select the title and it also helped me decide what I would write the blog post about. Use Explore To Search Google+ Using Hashtags Another Secret Social Media Agent on Google+ is Explore because it lets you search Google+ for specific keywords. The fun part about Explore is that if there are similar hastags to the one you searched, you will receive a list. This list has linkable hashtags so that when you click on one of them, it will take you to a whole new page of results. Why would you want to use Explore? Good question. The results for each search can help you define the direction that you may want to take with your research. Yes it can become like a chasing Alice in Wonderland down the rabbit hole. However, it can also yield really great results such as shown in the screenshot here. For more details, check out the video: How To Use Google+ Explore To Find Trending Hashtags. How Can Collections Help You Reach Your Target Market? Have you ever just wanted to collect all of you posts on Google+ into one location? Guess what! You can do this using Google+ Collections which is another Secret Social Media Agent. To learn how to create Collections, check out this help guide: Create and edit collections. Now, that you have learned what Collections is all about, let’s checkout some ways that you can use it to connect with your target market and grow your business. As you can see in the screenshot, I have created Collections that cover different topics. Google+ collections When you create a Collection, it works best if you center it on one topic. Then, when you create a post that associates with that topic, you can choose to share your posts in that Collection. Ever post that I share on Google+ now goes into a Collection. Which features of Google+ do you love? Let me know in the comments below.