Halloween is a great opportunity for companies to show the fun side of their brand through creative marketing campaigns that will get people talking. Here are 5 of our favorite Halloween marketing campaigns: 1.Trulia If you’re looking for a new home with Trulia, you might want to wait to keep your eyes out for ghosts… Trulia really knows how to get into the holiday spirit, and last year’s Halloween marketing campaign included a haunted house prank that went viral. Watch this video to see how they pranked unsuspecting house hunters by rigging up a house with falling books, screaming dolls and a “dead grandma” popping up out of the bed. Aside from sharing links to the video, which continues to receive high amounts of traffic, this year Trulia is keeping in the holiday spirit by highlighting on their Facebook page a different haunted house each day.   Trulia_haunted_houses   They also created maps of “Unnatural Hazard” highlighting locations of zombie infestations, ghost sightings, and vampire bites, which they shared on Twitter.   Trulia_on_Twitter   2. Target Target has created a fantastic virtual reality experience through a series of YouTube videos that allows viewers to explore various creepy rooms using their smartphones. By tilting the phone’s lens, viewers can get a 360 degree view of each room, for an eerily realistic experience.     Target also scored some major points this year with parents of special needs kids by including in their advertisements a little girl with crutches and leg braces dressed up as Princess Elsa. Target ad for special needs kids   3. Tesco Ghostly head in Tesco A Tesco supermarket in London had some spooky fun with their customers this year with haunted shopping cards, bloody severed hands in the freezer and ghostly heads hiding behind the paper towels. And of course, hidden cameras were put in place to record the shoppers’ startled reactions so that the internet can enjoy the fun as well. At the end of the video viewers are invited to learn how to create for themselves some of the effects they just witnessed, making the video campaign both entertaining and educational. Paint a creepy clown face Make a petrifying pumpkin Make a horrible head-in-a-jar Make a chilling severed hand Just five days after being posted, the video garnered 1.3 million views.   4.  Victoria, British Columbia   The City of Victoria is pulling out all the stops as they transform their downtown area into a spooky Halloween metropolis. Pedestrians strolling down Fort street will likely be startled as a portrait of a beautiful woman slowly mutates into a horrifying skeleton.   The city has also commissioned a local artist to create ten black cats with solar powered illuminated eyes, which will be installed throughout the downtown area, because nothing says creepy like a black cat with glowing eyes. And, of course, there are plenty of haunted houses to explore, as almost every building in downtown has its own ghost story. Haunted house in Victoria Visitors are invited to share their spooky Victoria Halloween photos on Twitter with the hashtag    5. Tide In 2013 Tide ran a successful Halloween marketing campaign by creating a series of eerily fun vine videos parodying popular horror movies like Carrie, The Shining and Psycho.  

Which brands do you think are rocking their Halloween marketing campaigns?