Easter has amazing potential as a sales season, but only with the proper preparation and execution. Easter specials, deals, and other goodies can also promote your business to a broader audience. However, the first step is picking where to begin the best channels for your Easter marketing ideas.

Once you have a few platforms, then you can start planning specific easter marketing campaigns. There are many marketing campaign ideas on the internet but finding the best promotion ideas for 2021 differs from the ones from 2019 or before. This article will give you 11 solid easter marketing ideas that you can apply to your business.

easter marketing ideas

Channels for Easter marketing & promotion ideas

Before you can build Easter marketing campaigns, it’s essential to know which channels work for your business. You can determine this by examining which ones have the highest returns, or you can do an analysis on your audience conversions.

Now, you should avoid narrowing to a single channel. Generally, multiple channels are an excellent way to go for the best Easter campaigns. This choice ensures as diverse an audience as possible for your Easter promotion ideas and should yield greater returns.

Additionally, mixing and matching your Easter marketing ideas with your channels is also a solid business decision. You do not want to put all your Easter marketing eggs in one basket and have that campaign fail.

Of course, the bigger audience your company gains year-round, the higher your profits can be during the Easter season. That means regular content and marketing campaigns throughout the year on your preferred channels.

1. Easter marketing for your website

Websites serve as your business’s home online, and it’s fitting to house Easter marketing campaigns on them. Since your company has the most control over its website, it’s also one of the easiest to go all out on for Easter.

The first step with websites is lining up the assets for eater promotion ideas. Everything from the home page to specialized landing pages to purchase ״thank you״ messages can be decked out in spring colors and Easter eggs. However, planning means it can all match.

Creating Easter assets yourself can take time. If you feel you do not have enough time to go around, you can outsource asset creation easily. A virtual assistant or freelancer is a great choice to save you time.

Once you have the Easter marketing campaign assets, you do need to schedule the launch. Updating websites takes time, and you do not want customers coming to a half-finished website. Aim for the time of day when your website sees the least traffic or set up the website assets beforehand and redirect links.

2. Easter promotion ideas for your Email newsletter

Email marketing is still one of the most effective marketing channels in 2021. It’s versatile, multipurpose, and easy to personalize. Plus, customers choose to participate in this channel, which makes them invested.

Regular email newsletters may be a mainstay of your business. In the case of Easter email marketing campaigns, you can up the frequency of your emails as you would for other sales periods. You can also create more Easter-style branding, special subscriber links, update your email signature, and more.

For the most useful email signature that helps you convert customers, choose WiseStamp. Each email signature is unique and expands to the fields you need for your business; no coding is required. WiseStamp also provides email signature guides so you can install your new signature easily.

3. Easter egg marketing on social media channels

Social media is a vast marketing channel that encompasses many specific platforms. Your company is unlikely to be on all the available platforms, but you should have a few dedicated ones. These are where you should focus your Easter marketing ideas.

Like your website, you can add Easter touches to your various cover photos, profile pictures, and posts. You can also aim your Easter promotion ideas at all users on the platform, not simply your audience.

Most social media platforms have some form of post scheduling. This option lets you plan campaigns well in advance so that the Easter campaign idea requires less attention during your busy Easter season.

easter marketing ideas

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4. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing involves paying someone else to promote your products to their audience. However, it’s not always money involved in the payment. Some influencer marketing is done in exchange for goods or a share of your audience.

Influencer marketing relies on finding influencers with audiences that match your company’s. That also presents some unique Easter promotion ideas. You can replicate an existing campaign idea or use the influencers’ audiences as test audiences.

5. Easter marketing for PPC advertising

PPC is short for Pay-Per-Click, and it’s a way of advertising to specific client avatars. Typically, PPC relies on targeting specific demographics and keywords rather than your existing audiences. For your company, this may be where your funnels start.

When you talk about Easter marketing ideas, changing around your PPC spending can make a difference in your success. Before the Easter season, find or commission a list of Easter-related keywords in your niche. Then you can determine which ones may have the highest return for your campaigns.

Those keywords can also help you formulate Easter campaign ideas. For example, suppose the Easter egg hunt is trending rather than the Easter sale. In that case, you may want to plan a marketing campaign based on that information.

6. Word of mouth

Word of mouth marketing contains many components, such as reviews, referrals, and affiliates. All of these are powerful marketing options that carry weight with your customers. Many perceive word-of-mouth marketing as an endorsement and review rolled into one.

When brainstorming Easter promotion ideas, word of mouth is often left out. However, you can employ many practical options ranging from added referral incentives to special affiliate deals.

Often, the trick to good word-of-mouth advertising is planning. Like you, your affiliates and referrers need the notice to put your promotion into action properly. Otherwise, many may not be able to drive the results you want because they’re scrambling.

Easter marketing campaign ideas and promotions

When considering the best Easter campaigns for your company, it’s essential to keep your audience and their previous behavior in mind. Some audiences love a good puzzle, while others will not touch it. It’s crucial to pick Easter marketing ideas that suit your customers.

The other important factor is keeping in mind what the Easter marketing ideas’ return on investments are. If you buy something from the Cost Plus Easter selection and only ten people enter the contest, will you make that cost back?

By adding return on investment to your Easter promotion ideas, you can quickly determine which ones will work for your company. If you’re unsure, you can also calculate how many customers need to buy into your offer before you make money back rather than theorizing customer participation.

1. Virtual Easter egg hunt

There are multiple ways to set up an Easter egg hunt, and each one will deliver marketing benefits for you. This Easter marketing campaign option has grown more popular, and the technology has advanced a lot since 2019.

One option is to host an interactive game on your website. Such a game is easy to set up with its own URL that you can use as a landing page. Using cookies, you could offer store discounts or contest entries.

You can also add Easter eggs throughout your website of either the interactive or static variety. Interactive Easter eggs provide a smoother experience, and you can instantly reward customers when they find the eggs. Static eggs do not require cookies but will require more management from your end.

For example, if you choose interactive Easter eggs, you can insert them on your home page, contact page, most popular blog post, and a store item in your shop. Then customers click them and, once the cookies recognize all four, customers get a discount applied to their cart.

egg hunt

2 .Surprise gifts at checkout

Surprise gifts are a great option as an Easter promotion idea. For this, most companies add the gift to the basket of any shopper during the promotion period. You could also set this up like a coupon code and then advertise it in your store banners.

The gift is an important consideration in the best Easter campaigns. You want something that the customers perceive as valuable but that does not have too high a manufacturing cost. Otherwise, your company will lose a significant amount of profit on this Easter marketing campaign.

You do not have to let customers know you are sending a surprise gift if you do not want to. However, this often defeats the purpose of the Easter campaign ideas. Simply packaging it in the box without notice is unlikely to encourage people to send their friends during your promotion.

For example, you run a small clothing boutique. For the Easter promotional period, you add a small necklace to your customer’s carts that they cannot buy in-store. Sales go up because people want that necklace that they cannot get elsewhere.

3. Limited edition Easter bundles

Easter bundles are a practical Easter promotion idea. Making them limited edition adds appeal to your audience, while bundles appeal to bargain hunters. Typically, there is a small discount on bundles, but the bundle does not need to be so discounted you do not make a profit.

Additionally, you control how the term-limited edition applies in your business. You could limit the number of available bundles and set it up as first come, first serve to encourage sales. Your company could also restrict the bundles to a date range.

For example, you run a jewelry store. You may create a limited number of easter bundles out of necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Then you sell the sets at a 15% discount from what the pieces would cost individually.

4. Easter gifts for minimal spending

Companies often use this Easter marketing idea during other seasons of the year. In general, customers must spend specific amounts of money to get free items. These promotion ideas are popular since people perceive that they are getting something for nothing.

You can create the tiers however you like. You can choose to set up this Easter marketing campaign as automatic or require a coupon coder depending on your cart solution. The essence of marketing it is telling customers to spend $25 and get X item free.

For example, say you run a sewing company and sell face masks during the pandemic. You can set up your Easter marketing idea as spend $30, get a free comfort wrap. The second tier might be spending $50 to get a free ballcap.

5. Competition entry with minimal spending

Competitions are a great option, but one you must investigate first in your local area. Many states and countries have specific laws governing competition entries. For example, requiring people to buy something as the only way to enter a contest is illegal in the United States.

If you check the laws for your area and you can do a competition, you can set up a flag post-checkout to let the person enter the contest. Remember, competitions do require some skill to win.

For example, you run a shoe store and want to give away a gift card for Easter. You set up your website for automatic entry if someone purchases a certain amount and ticks a consent box. You then also allow free entries in-store through the deadline.

6. Refer a friend discount

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing channel, and sweetening the deal for Easter is a fantastic option. Referral programs are a common method and relatively inexpensive to set up. It would be best if you simply had a plan to keep track of who refers people.

You can set this up either digitally or manually. Digitally means each person has a unique code, and when someone uses that code, that person gets a credit on their account. Manually, you write down who said other people recommended your store.

For example, you run a local spa. Your regular referral program gives people a free 20-minute massage when people refer others. For Easter, you may up that promotion to offering two 20-minute massages when someone refers a friend.

7. Subscribe for exclusive Easter deals

This Easter marketing idea involves your email list, which means you can benefit year-round. Subscriber discounts are one of the standard marketing campaign ideas that extend beyond the Easter season. It’s the lead for many sales funnels too.

A subscriber discount is easy to set up. Often, you set up your email marketing broadcasts with a clickable button or link to your website. These links can be embedded with a coupon code that your website cookies turn into a discount at checkout.

For the best Easter campaign, make sure you still follow all the rules of good email content and appropriate sending practices. This decision will ensure that as many people take up your Easter promotion ideas as possible.

For example, presume you’re running an online make-up store. You typically reward people for subscribing with two subscribers-only sales during the year. You decide to offer 20% off one full-price item as an Easter promotion and watch your list take off.

Need an email signature to help you achieve your Easter sales goals? WiseStamp is here to help with customizable email signatures that help you remain professional while still getting your Easter marketing campaigns out there.

8. Gamification

Prize wheels and puzzles are some of the more popular gamification options available to your company. You can set them up on your website using various tools, and the potential rewards are limited only by your imagination.

You can add game elements to various locations around your website. Options include a popup when people stay on a page for ten seconds or hit the purchase button at checkout. These games need to be fair, with at least a small chance of winning the top prize.

For example, you run a home décor store online. You install a popup prize wheel on your checkout page where customers can spin for a discount before they pay. Many customers play the wheel, receive a middling discount, and feel like they beat the game, which is psychologically rewarding.

9. Like-share competition entries

In recent years, like-share competitions have taken off on social media. Many companies use them to expand their audiences, though the results are not as fine-tuned as possible. You’ll need a few social media assets for this Easter promotion idea.

Generally, most companies restrict people to one entry in this type of competition. Otherwise, it can be quite chaotic. You can manually run these Easter marketing campaigns, or there is inexpensive software for most social media platforms.

Remember to check the laws in your local area regarding this variety of competition. While digital contests are not yet well enshrined with legal restrictions, there is always the chance someone will make your company the precedent.

As an example, say you run a Facebook community for entrepreneurs. You could buy an Easter basket from Cost Plus, take a picture of it, and release a like-share competition from just that. Then you ship the basket to the winner just before Easter.

10. Collaborate with another company

Collaborating on your Easter promotion ideas is a great way to achieve something unique. The best Easter campaigns use this uniqueness as a draw-in. It also gives your marketing campaigns a more extensive audience during the Easter season.

Offering mutual discounts is a fun way to collaborate with another company. That way, if someone purchases from one of the companies, they’re introduced to the other company. You can easily use this to your advantage.

Joint giveaways are also an option, provided you check your local laws or with a legal expert. These Easter promotions can be for individual products or a limited edition Easter bundle. Either will attract customers with the right incentive.

For example, you are a copywriting freelancer who has a favorite graphic designer to partner with. You could offer your customers a small discount on both your services to drive your sales figures up since customers perceive they’re getting something for free.

11. Host a giveaway

There are many types of giveaways available, and this Easter marketing idea tends to be popular. These options can be something from your store or a perceived luxury item, like some international Easter chocolate from Cost Plus.

Giveaways are typically regulated by law, so make sure to check your local legal information and laws, or discuss this Easter marketing idea with a legal professional. Even the giveaway being digital can cause problems if not handled correctly.

For example, you run a nail salon. You want more customers to come in, so you put together an Easter basket, place it on the counter, and set up slips of paper for customers to fill out. You draw one slip of paper to determine the winner.

easter marketing ideas

Final thoughts

Easter is a season when you can run multiple marketing campaigns to drive sales. However, you need to identify the most beneficial channels to do it on before choosing marketing ideas. It’s no longer 2019, and the platforms for Easter marketing campaigns have changed a lot.

You also have many distinct Easter marketing ideas available to you. The best Easter campaigns will appeal to your audience and attract new customers. You can do these using gifts, discounts, or any combination of the two throughout the Easter sales season with proper planning.

Combining the right channel with the right marketing idea for your audience can drive explosive following growth and sales figures this Easter season. Remember to enjoy the process and the results along the way.