Here are 5 examples of professional email signature examples for:

  1. E-commerce
  2. Service providers
  3. Marketers & Social influencers
  4. Media producers, Designers and Creatives
  5. Writers and Bloggers

An email signature is a terrific marketing tool for professionals and business owners across all industries. Whether you want to convert sales, drive website traffic, grow your social media, or increase your email reply rate, your email signature can help you achieve all of it and more! The key is choosing the right email signature examples for your industry and business goals.

Of course, all signature templates should contain these basic elements:

  • Your name and title
  • The name of your business
  • An image (of you or your business logo)
  • Your contact details (phone, email, website)

But for an email signature that really stands out, you should use an email signature generator to customize your signature based on your profession or industry. If you are looking for some inspiration and ideas for yours, here are 5 examples of professional email signatures by industry.

1. ECommerce

If you have your own ecommerce store or sell online using a marketplace like Etsy or Ebay, then it’s so important to feature your products in your signature. You can easily do this with WiseStamp by adding the Etsy and eBay app to your signature or by promoting your next sale event.

Add these apps to your WiseStamp: Ebay, Etsy, Sale Event

Etsy seller

Sale Event

2. Service Provider

One of the most valuable things to any service provider is getting feedback and reviews! Fortunately, you can easily increase your customer reviews and feedback by adding this call-to-action directly in your email signature. Your customers can leave a review in a click!

Add this app to your WiseStamp: “Give us feedback”

Give us feedback

3. Marketer/Influencer

If you’re a marketer or influencer, then social media is one of the best platforms to reach your audience. Make sure to include all of your social media channels in your email signature. You can also have your signature pull dynamic content from your social media!

Add these apps to your WiseStamp: Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, “My latest tweet”

Latest tweet

4. Media/Design/Creative Arts

If your work is visually-oriented then your signature needs to be as well. Whether it’s images from your Instagram or Pinterest or video from your Youtube, make sure to showcase this content to your signature.

Add these apps to your WiseStamp: Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube

Instragram feed


5. Writer/Blogger

They say content is king, and no one knows this better than writers and bloggers. If you write content, you should promote it in your email signature as well. You can easily do this with WiseStamp by adding the WordPress or Medium apps or simply connecting your RSS feed.

Add these apps to your WiseStamp: WordPress, Medium, RSS feed

Tech Blogger 1

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