Are you struggling to recruit the perfect candidate for your company? Don’t rely on job boards and external recruiters. Utilize your own social networks to find the perfect fit for you and your team. 1. Use LinkedIn groups to find relevant candidates LinkedIn can be a recruiter’s best friend. Use your personal profile to advertise positions you are looking to fill, as well as the corporate page of the company you are recruiting for, to maximize attention and increase views. You should also be making use of LinkedIn groups by identifying the ones your candidates are most likely to be using and posting your positions there. 2. Use a social media app to encourage employees to bring a friend There are a whole host of social media apps offering rewards for employees who bring friends to the company. Choose one which is easy for you to use and easy for your employees. We like zao 3. Advertise the positions you are looking to fill on all corporate signatures- Using a tool like WiseStamp for Teams to promote your open positions in all your team signatures means that people who are already aware of your business can see that you are looking to hire. Hiring somebody who already know your team or your business means you are likely to get a good fit for your team.  recruiter-signature4. Post images when you advertise a position in a Facebook group When you are promoting your open positions on Facebook groups (and if you are not already, you should start now!) make sure you include an image. This will guarantee that you posts stands out both when people are scrolling through the group, and is more likely to be shown on the main Facebook feed of group members. 5. Post your position up in several variations on Twitter, using different industry hashtags Maximize your Twitter reach by posting the job opportunity along with different industry hashtags. Try out several different hashtag variations in different tweets to reach out out to as many relevant people as possible. 6. Check out a potential employee online before you sign the dotted line Don’t just use social media for recruiting, it is also a crucial tool for checking up on your potential employees before you sign them up. Whilst someone might interview well, a mistimed rant on LinkedIn or an inappropriate photo album on Facebook might give you information about the type of person you are really looking at.