7 Tools That Will Improve Your Productivity in 2016

How much time do you spend on menial tasks?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could automate some of them in order to spend your time focusing on things that matter more?

If you’re looking to make more money, build a stronger portfolio, find new customers, and see greater success this year, something has to happen in order to make your life a little easier. As a small business owner or freelancer, you’re trying to get everything done with a limited amount of resources.

These 7 productivity tools will help you free up a little more time in your day, giving you more time to work on all of those other important tasks waiting for your attention.


  1. Dlvr.it

    Schedule everything!

    If you’re bouncing from social network to social network, either making posts for your own professional pages or on behalf of a client, all of that bouncing really adds up.

    Dlvr.it automates the process for you.

    Queue up your content ahead of time, and schedule it to automatically post at any time you choose. You can pile up social media content a week ahead of time, plug it into Dlvr.it, and not have to worry about delivering posts for a while.

  2. Bundlepost

    It takes a while to research popular SEO terms and trending topics, and even longer to incorporate them into your content. Using Bundlepost, you no longer have to. 

    This tool will save everything for you, collecting curated content to hold you over and keep your web presence relevant. It will even add relevant hashtags to your content, boosting your visibility on social media. This makes an otherwise time consuming task into a simple one.

  3. Directr for Business

    By now, it’s probably already been pounded into your head just how well visual content works for advertisement and exposure. Consumers have stated their preferences, and they’d rather view something than read about it. You also probably know how long it takes to produce a quality video. That’s where Directr for business comes in.

    Directr does it all, with full customization in just a few clicks. Don’t waste time learning how to do things the old fashioned way, or starting a video campaign from the ground up.

  4. Piktochart

    Speaking of visual content, you’ve probably noticed that infographics have been cropping up a lot lately. And it’s no wonder, considering that provide an appealing format for presenting information to customers or clients.

    If graphic design isn’t your forté, creating a useful infographic can be easier said than done. Unless you’re using Piktochart. With Pikochart anyone can create a professional-looking infographic online, without the need for a graphic program, or any special design skills.

  5. Buffer for Business

    Clicks, traffic, and fan engagement are all vital to how you interact professionally with the world. You need to be visible, and you need to be interesting.

    With Buffer you can quickly curate great content that’s relevant to your audience and immediately schedule it to the social network that you want to share it on. You don’t even have to share it immediately – you can add articles to a queue, and run different schedules for different networks. And with the Buffer extension, you can easily do this from any tab.

    Buffer is also great for teams that work on the same networks together, with special multiple user features. You’ll also get the full spectrum of your analytics to help guide you in the direction your audience desires.

  6. Box

    If your job involves a lot of collaboration, you know the importance of a good team collaboration tool. Sending documents back and forth for revisions, showing progress, and rewriting add a ton of complications to an already complex project. With cloud-based Box, everything stays stored. Multiple people can access documents at the same time, and save multiple drafts.

  7. Nutcache

    If you’re working with multiple people, you know the hassle that is known as remote project management. You need to track time, monitor your expenses, and send out invoices. Instead of making these all separate tasks, Nutcache rolls them into one. You won’t need to make hundreds of individual spreadsheets when you can do it all with one program.

It’s all about cutting out the small things. The big stuff needs all of your effort and dedication. Using shortcuts isn’t being lazy – it’s investing your time wisely in order to help you do the best work you can possibly do.