Video content is some of the most powerful content on the internet, generating three times as many monthly visitors to a website as other content and accounting for 50% of all mobile traffic. And yet, despite the proven popularity of video content, many marketing professionals are still not utilizing this tool, which is a big mistake. Creating a video doesn’t have to be time consuming or financially draining, and you can even create a simple video in just a matter of minutes. Viewers’ attention spans are short so a 30 second- 1 minute video is an acceptable length, and can be easily created on a regular basis using just your smartphone. To help you create and share your first video I’m going to walk you through the steps, and you’ll see just how simple it is to make your own. Here’s what you  need to get started:

  1. Smartphone
  2. Stabilizer like a tripod or a table you can put your smartphone on to record yourself
  3. A YouTube channel
  4. A quiet, well-lit place to film — natural lighting from outside is preferential!

Now, lets break it down! First 10 minutes:

Outline your video: Just outline! Choose a very simple topic that you can cover comfortably in a full take, such as an introduction of yourself and your business or the answer to a simple question that you frequently receive. Speed and practice is the goal for this video, we are just looking for an opportunity to move quickly and get started. You can make your notes in a Word or Google Doc, an email, regular old paper or even on a whiteboard, to guide you as you are filming.

Next 10 minutes:

Record your video: Find a nice, quiet place with great natural lighting to record. The only tools you really need for this is your smartphone camera and some kind of stabilization for it, like a tripod or a sturdy stack of books. But if you want your filming to go really smoothly a remote shutter would be a handy tool to have, so that you don’t have to get up every time you want to cut and start a new take. I use a little Bluetooth “selfie” shutter that cost me about $7 on Amazon. Try to get one solid take that you like so you are only uploading one file to YouTube to edit.

Last 10 minutes:

  • Import and/or upload your video: Once you have a full take that you are happy with there are a variety of ways to import or upload the video. If you have an iPhone you can use AirDrop to upload your video or you upload it to your Dropbox account You can also upload the video directly to YouTube with the YouTube Capture app. My personal preference is to simply sync my phone to my computer by plugging it in, and then using Image Capture to move my video files to a new folder. I find this to be the simplest method.
  • Edit your video. Once the file is on my computer I edit it using Final Cut Pro X, but you can actually do your editing directly on Youtube.  YouTube allows you to make simple cuts and add transitions, title bars and even FREE stock music to your videos right on the site.

Here’s how to edit your video in YouTube:

  1. Upload your video and set it to unlisted so that you can make changes without being visible.
  2. While the video is uploading add your Title, Description and Tags. Make sure to use keywords that will attract the audience that you want, but also keep your information concise.
  3. After your video has uploaded go back to the upload button, at the top right on your desktop, as if you were going to do it all over again. Once you get to the upload screen look to the list on the right and find the “Edit” button. Click here and select the video you just added so that you can adjust the colors, make cuts, and add transitions and titles.

And ta-da, you’ve made your first video! Now that’s just getting your video on the web. Promoting it further will take more of your time but you can follow these 5 guidelines to make it simpler.  My 5 favorite video distribution tips:

  1. Add your video to your WiseStamp signature. They make it so easy!
  2. Send your video to your email newsletter subscribers.
  3. Share general posts about the video to your social media networks several times, using at least slightly different wording each time.
  4. Share your video to specific people through social media who you think could benefit from it. A more personal touchpoint can go a long way!
  5. As your content grows don’t be afraid to dig back and share your older videos, while continuing to share your fresh content.

All right, those are the basics on getting started. Do you feel like you’re ready to tackle your first video? So go out there and give it a shot! And if you have any questions for me feel free to leave a comment below.