How To Use Instagram To Totally ROCK Your Email - - Keri Jaehnig Are you using Instagram to rock your email yet? Maybe a good starting question might be: Are you using Instagram yet? If you or your business do not have a presence on Instagram yet, there are some big advantages to getting started now!  A few statistics to consider:

  • 300 million monthly active users
  • More than 75 million daily users on Instagram
  • 20% of Internet users use Instagram

Plus, images are absorbed quicker than text, and people simply engage more with them. Combine those facts with email as the oldest and largest social network, and you have something there! New & Fun + Seasoned Longevity = Slick This article will help you discover ways to bring life to your email with Instagram:

By simply adding the element of imagery, you could improve your click through rates, response rates, and potentially sales success rates. How To Use Instagram To Totally Rock Your Email The techniques below are all easy to implement… 1. Hyperlink This is best with a short, impactful message.  A few examples might be:

  • Showing your audience what you did that day
  • Conveying examples or ideas to a special group
  • More personal messages to only one person or a few people

Here, you just want a few sentences of text, and a key word hyperlinked (like that), leading to a fun or emotion evoking image that solidifies the message intent. Any more than a few lines of text, and you risk losing the impact because there is not an actual image present. Alternatively, you could put a fun or funky phrase under your name and hyperlink that to a chosen Instagram post as a one-time email signature. Instagram_marketing_3 2. Screen shot of Instagram image in email newsletters This works well in a sidebar, but can also be an entire block of an email newsletter with a captivating image. Here is an example of an Instagram image plugged into a newsletter sidebar.  The meaningful text was blocked out, and entrepreneurs were prompted to click to reveal the tip. Sunrise and sunset images are popular on Instagram.  Orange hues trigger people to react, so this graphic tip was appealing for a business email newsletter. Instagram_marketing_2 3. Screen shot of Instagram video in email newsletter Same idea, but implementing your Instagram video. Simply take a screen shot of the video thumbnail, and drop it in the sidebar with clever text.  Due to the type of media, this is probably best in the sidebar, rather than a main newsletter block. Suggestion: Do a quick video tip, or a fun-loving message to your followers. 4. WiseStamp Email Signature This is what makes ordinary email sit up and say, “Aren’t you glad you opened me?” Many people have hyperlinked their social media links or other important content links at the bottom of their emails as a signature.  Some email clients even allow icons for readers to click. WiseStamp is a savvy app that you can customize to your preference so your email signature wows your readers.  It motivates your email recipients to reach out and click to know you better. With WiseStamp, there are two Instagram app options to implement into your email signature. WiseStamp for Instagram 1

  • Instagram Badge
  • Instagram Photos

The button will look like one of these under where you sign your name: Keri Jaehnig signature Regardless of how you choose to invite people to engage with you on Instagram via your email, the appearance is neat and recognizable, so your readers will be comfortable. Regram For Your Instagram If you are reading this, you most probably have an active Instagram account.  Three resources if you do need help getting started with Instagram: Here’s Why It’s Getting Harder To Ignore Instagram For Marketing  Instagram For Business: The Guide To Getting Started  8 Killer Tweaks For Killer Instagram Bios  Also… How To Improve Facebook Marketing With Instagram The above links should help you rock your personal or business brand on Instagram, and send emails people enjoy opening and love to share. Your Turn Instagram is a highly productive social network, and implementing it with your email in creative ways can reaffirm your personal or business brand in positive ways. How are you using Instagram to rock your email? In what ways could an Instagram App option from WiseStamp help you improve email success? Tell us your thoughts in the comments box below…  🙂