As you all know we constantly work hard to make WiseStamp simply rock! Other than our own ideas you WiseStampers also send us great suggestions and feedback that we just can’t wait to develop.
Before we can make these fresh developments and improvements public we test and examine the functionality, design and stability of these features. We are happy to invite you to join our Beta channel and become the first to taste and explore the newest WiseStamp interface along with the “most wanted” features:

What are the advantages of becoming a Beta tester?

Joining the Beta Channel lets you test an experimental new version of WiseStamp before it is released to the general public. Once you install the beta version, you will:

  • Be the first to taste and explore the newest WiseStamp features and interface!
  • Help us shape the look & feel – your feedback is especially important in the beta channel!!
  • Get the power to aid WiseStamp in deciding whether to launch a new feature!!!
Among other features you can already find in the current beta version the following: Improved new Editor (New Fonts, Table insertion and more…), Adding Multiple Feeds, ability to choose signature location… Do you really want to wait until the official version is released?! Join our beta NOW!

Please Note: If you like your versions stable and well tested – use the official version. If you prefer the extra spicing and life on the edge – join our Beta channel now!

Also, this version currently supports Gmail. In the future versions we will add the other webmails

How to join?

As everything else related to WiseStamp usability – “it is really simple!”

Find out more about:  Adding images and links to a Mac Mail signature
A while ago Mozilla created a beta channel for addons that lets you test an experimental new version of an add-on before it’s released to the general public.
Once you install the beta version, you will continue to get our updates from this channel. Now, simply follow these steps:

  1. Go to the WiseStamp page in the Mozilla gallery
  2. Scroll down a bit and below the WiseStamp screenshots click on “Install beta channel” (See image below)
  3. A new yellow box will expand and now you can click the “Download now” button and…
  4. That’s it! Please send us feedback, it is really important! You can use the “Report a Bug” option in the editor.

Important: Our beta channel release will update with new features from time to time. Each update will include extra exciting features available only to beta users.

Once you join our Beta channel it is important to update to each release in order to enjoy the full capabilities and new features. You should also  read the “after update” page that appears after a new version updates – there you will find what’s new in the version and where to find it!!

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3 comments on “Enjoy new WiseStamp features! Join our Beta Tester Channel.

  • love wisestamp, would like to be able to setup on one machine and have every machine have the same email setup, now you have to do each on one at a time. thanks.

  • Looks like something that has been needed for awhile is her,only problem is it doesn’t work with Comcast’s email, or Windows Mail, yet(I hope). Hurry up, just get it right and don’t be like Microsoft and rush too fast then have eons worth of fixes and patches.

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