The world of digital marketing is constantly evolving. It seems like new services, solutions and tools are constantly being released, and sometimes it might seem hard to keep track. But, believe it or not, email marketing still reigns supreme. When it comes to ROI (revenue over investment), email marketing will return approximately $43 for every $1 you invest in it. So, what you need to focus on this year is ramping up your email strategy.

Here are the five most important email tactics for 2019:

Personalize it                    

We are living in an age where customers expect personalization. One size does not fit all, and adding your customer’s name to your email campaign is not going to cut it anymore. Rather, you need to collect the right information about your email subscribers and customers and leverage it to present them with the most relevant email content for them. And they ROI will be worth it: personalized email content increases click-through rates by an average of 14-percent and conversions by 10-percent.

So, how do you start personalizing emails? One sure-fire way to find out more about your customer is simply to ask them about their intent; why did they visit your website or what are they seeking? Consider adding an element to your website that asks visitors for this type of information. Also, when they sign-up for your newsletter, ask what information they are most interested in receiving. This will help you begin to segment your email list and personalize the content you send accordingly.

Automate it

The terms “personalization” and “automation” might sound contradictory, but they actually complement each other. While it is very important to personalize your email content based on your customer’s profile, it is equally important to automate when you send them these personalized emails. For example, if you capture birthdate information on your customer base (and you should!), then use automation to send them a birthday email with a special offer—it’s the perfect combination of automating emails with a personal touch.

You can also create an entire automated email campaign that is triggered by specific events and elapsed time. If for example, a customer just made their first purchase with you, they should enter an  “upsell” automated email flow that introduces them to other products and services you have to offer. There are many different directions you can go with automated emails, but the underlying goal is to send your subscribers the right type of email content at the precise time in order to increase open rates and conversions.

Make it mobile friendly

The popularity of mobile email has consistently been on the rise and will only grow stronger this coming year. As it currently stands, here are some must-know stats on mobile email trends:

-Nearly 53% of emails are opened on mobile devices

-23% of users who open an email on a mobile device revisit that same email later

-75% of Gmail’s nearly 1B users access their accounts on mobile devices

All of this data points to one thing: You need to optimize your email outreach for mobile viewing. A quick and easy way to do that is to keep both your email subject lines and content brief and direct. In terms of design, keep it clean and make your call-to-action button clear and easy to tap. Try to include one primary call-to-action button versus multiple hyperlinked text; it translates better on mobile screens.

Add Interactive Content

This year, marketers will strive to make email content more interactive so that readers can take actions right within the email itself and not redirect to a mobile or web browser. How will this look? Imagine if your email recipients could complete a purchase right within the email itself, or take a survey without jumping to a landing page.

The technology to enable this kind of interactive email content isn’t quite there yet, but it will develop. In the meantime, some brands, like Home Depot, are already using interactive elements in their emails to allow users to review products. From a user perspective, this type of seamless experience is a dream. Keep your eyes peeled for more solutions like this to come!

Make your signature interactive

Adding interactive content to your email campaigns is ambitious even for big brands. If you aren’t ready for this step yet, don’t worry, there’s a shortcut: Add interactive content to your email signature.  When your email signature has interactive content, it can boost your email reply rates by 32%, engagement by 22% and social media traffic by 10%. Best of all, it’s super easy to create an interactive signature with an email signature maker.

What type of content should you include? The top-performing interactive email signatures have social media buttons, call-to-action banners and media (like embedded video) that make it easy for your email recipients to connect with your entire web presence and consume your content.

And you don’t need any fancy HTML or design skills to make it. All you need to do is use an email signature maker and choose apps that quickly and easily add the content for you. Check out the signature examples below and get more inspiration from this gallery of stunning interactive email signatures.

Final thoughts

Among all the tips listed above, start by choosing just one to focus on and test. When implementing a new email strategy, it’s important to only make one change at a time so you can accurately measure its performance. Start with the tactic that is easiest for you to implement and apply it to several email campaigns in order to gather enough data on the outcome. If you aren’t seeing an improvement in conversions, tweak the tactic before you scrap it altogether. займ на карту онлайн

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