Learn How You can Manage your Marketing Messaging with Wise Stamp

WiseStamp makes control over your company’s marketing message easy and fun.

Every email sent from your company is a marketing opportunity – don’t miss out on  the thousands of emails  your company sends!

WiseStamp lets you easily update your marketing messages and see the statistics about their effect.

There are two main ways to bring your message across – a Company Slogan and a Dynamic Banner:

Add a Slogan to your company signature:

  1. Go to gapps.wisestamp.com, to the “Company details” tab
  2. Add your company’s Slogan
  3. Add a link so the slogan takes the recipient to anywhere you choose


Use a Banner to share Special offers, News and more:

  1. Go to gapps.wisestamp.com, to the “Email Apps” tab. 
  2. Click “Add app” next to the “Banner” app.  
  3. Click “Upload banner” to add the Banner image (you can use a link or upload the image)
  4. Add a link to where you want the Banner image to lead to
  5. Click publish and it will immediately be applied to all active employees

You can repeat this as often as you need. Daily, Weekly or Monthly.

WiseStamp automatically adds Google Analytics tags to all outgoing emails so you can track the click through rates in your Google Analytics and know which campaign is the most effective.