How to turn your Gmail into a corporate marketing machine

One of the most powerful ways to improve your marketing is learn how to market using email.

no. of Employees X no. of emails per employee = a whole lot of eyeballs on your marketing message!

WiseStamp Business signature manager makes it extremely easy to both update and push your message via the signatures of your entire team.

Here are a few great ideas for marketing messages you can add to your company’s signatures:

  • Promote a webinar you are holding
  • Spread the news about an event you created
  • Advertise a sale or promotion
  • Post an open position you are recruiting for
  • Get people to sign up for your newsletter
  • Automatically share your latest blog Post

To add these, go to the Email Apps tab
click “Add app” next to the app you want (Webinar, Banner, HR, Event)
Now, fill the details (Text, Link… You can include an Icon or use Text only).

Done? Click the “Publish” button and the changes will apply to the signatures of your entire team.

We promised it was easy 🙂