How to invite users to WiseStamp’s team solution

Learn how to invite users and how to activate users for your company signature

There are two ways to send signatures to employees so they can start using the signature you made. Send Invites or Activate them.


Invited users will get an invitation email with a link. The link takes them to a page where they can fill their personal details. Once they save (and refresh Gmail) the signature will automatically insert.
Note: users can only add personal information. They can not change the template you designed in any way.


Activating users mean you manually activate the signature for them. Next time they’ll open Gmail, the signature you designed will appear. You can simply activate them or you can also fill in the relevant Personal fields for them if you prefer (e.g. Mobile).

Here’s how you Invite / Activate users:

  • Go to to the “Users Management” tab
  • Invite: Check the boxes of users you want to activate and click Invite Selected
  • You can also click “Invite All” to send an invite to everyone
  • Activate: click the “Edit” link next to an employee’s email
  • Fill Personal fields (optional), Check the “Enable” box and click “Save”



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