5 tricks to make your Gmail email work harder for you

Has your team moved over to Google Apps for Work? Don’t get stuck in your old rut, here are five fantastic tricks to make your Gmail email work harder for you.

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1. Create a WiseStamp team signature

Using WiseStamp for Business you can brand every email your team sends out with your unique corporate branding. You can also use every single piece of external communication to promote what is most important to your business- be it your blog, an upcoming event or a special sale, or use your team signature to enable easy and effective customer feedback.

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2. Boomerang it back

Most businesses today interact with people outside of their immediate communities. Solve the problem of your emails arriving at the wrong time by using Boomerang to schedule them to hit inboxes at the best time for your recipients. Boomerang also acts as a reminder to follow up if people don’t reply to you.

3. Get yourself out of sticky situations with Undo Send

This is an integrated Gmail feature that everybody should be using! Enabling Undo Send means you can cancel problematic emails before they hit inboxes, or recall and edit if you spot an error after you’ve pressed the send button. You’ll find this feature in your Gmail settings, then in the Labs tab, search undo, then select enable. No more embarrassing post-email apologies needed!

4. Get all the social info you need from Rapportive

You know when you get an email from someone, but have no idea who they are, so you start searching for them on LinkedIn? Make this scenario a thing of the past. Rapportive gives you all the social information you need about the person you are in contact with, directly within your email.

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5. Turn your email into a project management tool with Streak

Streak really makes your email work harder for you, allowing you to create tasks and collaborate on them directly via your inbox. It also works as a mini CRM, helping you send out direct mail blasts, and manage your sales funnel. A seriously useful Gmail tool.

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