A five step guide for using LinkedIn for lead generation

LinkedIn has become one of the top sources for qualified leads for B2B companies, so if you aren’t use it properly then you could be missing out on a strong source of lead generation for your business. So how can you optimize LinkedIn as a marketing tool and use it to bring your company more leads?

1. Create a detailed company page

Your company page should be compelling and detailed both because your company LinkedIn presence represents your business, and also because LinkedIn company pages rank highly on Google search. This means your company page will often be viewed by people trying to find out more about your business, so it is important that you include comprehensive information on the page.

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2. Update your company page regularly

An empty company page feed is bad for business. Use your company LinkedIn page to promote company news, large events and your latest blog posts, plus remember to like the updates so your contacts will see them. Well written, interesting and relevant content on your company page will bring in more interest from professionals in your field.

3. Collect professional recommendations

If you represent your company then personal recommendations on your LinkedIn profile reflect the abilities of your business. Asking for recommendations from satisfied colleagues and sharing them on your personal profile is a great way to boost your professional brand reputation, and generate leads.

4. Join and participate in relevant industry groups

Joining and participating in relevant industry groups shows that you are an expert in your field, and increases awareness both of your own personal brand, and interest in your business. Choose your groups wisely, and be careful not to post anything too promotional, save self-promotion for your company updates, and keep content for groups that it helpful for other group members.

5. Add a LinkedIn button to your email signature

Once you’ve optimized your business or personal LinkedIn page you can draw attention to it by adding the LinkedIn button to your corporate email signature. This turns every email you send into an opportunity to promote your business or personal Linkedin profile, and boost your corporate reputation.

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Now you are ready to go! Use LinkedIn to build your personal branding, establish and develop connections and create leads for your business.

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