5 lead generation tools for startups in 2015

Now 2015 is here, are you re-evaluating strategy for lead generation, and looking for new and out of the box methods for reaching your target audience?  Check out these five online lead generation techniques to bring in the traffic you want to grow your startup.

1. WiseStamp for Business

Bring traffic and qualified leads to your website from your email contacts. With your WiseStamp for Business team signature every corporate email you send becomes a content promotion tool. The people your team emails are often your best prospects, they know your business, and are interested in what you have to say.

2. Topsy

If people are talking about your business then you need to know about it. Topsy searches through Twitter and open Facebook statuses to help you join in the conversation, and protect and build your brand reputation. We use Topsy to find what our market is talking about, to help us develop relevant content marketing material, and to reach out directly to leads.

3. Snip.ly

Snip.ly is a fun tool that we discovered recently that places your call to action on curated content. It’s a great way to demonstrate your expertise in your field whilst also driving incoming traffic to your site. There’s a free version. and a paid version for when it brings you in lots of traffic and leads.

4. Oktopost

We’ve been trialling Oktopost for the past few weeks as a social management tool. Using Oktopost helps drive traffic to your content via social media, and tracks your clicks and engagement. We particularly like its functionality for LinkedIn groups as a source of lead generation. It also provides curated content to build your brand. Using it to search social for relevant keywords is a great way to find and reach out to relevant social leads.

5 Buzzstream

Buzzstream is a platform for link building and reaching out to blogs for content syndication. Syndication is still a huge channel for bringing your content to new markets, but outreach can be exhausting and a huge time drain. Using a tool like Buzzstream can help you outsource your content more effectively, and also increase traffic through link building efforts. You can link your Buzzstream to Twitter for even more effective marketing campaigns.

Which new tools are you trialling to drive more traffic in 2015? Which 2014 tools have made your list for this year too?