How can I set a WiseStamp company signature if I’m not company admin?

Here’s how to take control of your company signature even if you are not the admin

1) Your domain Admin first needs to add WiseStamp for team to your Google Apps.

Simply email this link to your domain Admin and ask them to click the Blue “Integrate” button. It only takes a few seconds.
Tip: The domain admin is probably the founder, the company IT guy, or CTO.

2) Once WiseStamp is integrated, the Admin can give someone else (you!) control over the company’s signature:

  • go to Company’s dashboard
  • go to the “Users management” tab
  • click “Edit” next to the user you want to make Admin
  • change “Role” to “Administrator” and Save

Note: this will only give this user (you) an admin signature privileges for WiseStamp. It will not make you the Admin for your company’s Google Apps.