Why you should have moved to Google Apps for Work Yesterday

Here at WiseStamp we are huge fans of the Google Apps for Work system, and would encourage you to switch over as soon as humanly possible. Why? Because it will make your life easier, and saves you valuable time and money. Here’s a quick and easy breakdown for you:


Google Apps for Work


Google Apps for Work is totally cloud based

Google Apps for Work, previously known as Google Apps for Business, was designed from the beginning to be a cloud based tool, which saves your IT department from dealing with complicated desktop storage systems, or expensive server options. Because Google Apps for Work automatically saves your work as you go along you will never again struggle with backup fails and losing important work. Google is a trusted name in cloud storage, so your business files and data will be secure.

Google Apps for Work is really easy for your team to use

Google Apps syncs across your email your Google Drive with your docs in, your calendar and even with hangouts for business calls and messaging, so you can get get rid of all the other systems you were using and focus all your business efforts with one streamlined product. Most of your team probably have a personal gmail, so there’s very little learning curve moving to Google Apps for Work. Google Apps for Work means you can work cooperatively and simultaneously within a document, without multiple versions and corrections.

Google Apps for Work can be customized and personalized with your choice of great apps

Google Apps for Work is a wonderful team solution, but it really comes into it’s own when you customize it with apps designed to fit the needs of your team. As well as our WiseStamp for Business app for a customized team signature solution, we are fans of Boomerang for scheduling emails, Streak as a mini CRM within Gmail and Rapportive, for adding social information to all our contacts.

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