5 Ways Mobile Can Help Your Startup

In order to succeed, businesses must adapt themselves to the mobile age. Mobile use is surpassing desktop by each day, especially for searches on Google. Within

In order to succeed, businesses must adapt themselves to the mobile age. Mobile use is surpassing desktop by each day, especially for searches on Google. Within that search criteria, more than 60 percent of Americans search for local products and services. There’s no reason why your business shouldn’t be found online, moreover on mobile. Here are 5 key ways that you can use mobile to help your startup

1. App Store Optimization (ASO):

Apps are excellent tools to connect and target users. However, apps are only helpful if potential users can actually find them. With the proper use of App Store Optimization (ASO), your app will gain organic downloads, as the optimization process will assist the app with viewing the keywords that work, choosing screenshots the graphics and screenshots that will lure users to download the app, and localizing it to its targeted user base. A fine example for an app that did well is MailWise, a startup which utilized ASO tactics without additional media and was able to reach the top 10 positions for competitive keywords such as “email” and “exchange”. Some of the tactics implemented include:

  • Write a keyword rich title, using the most important keywords
  • Optimize the description to include targeted relevant keywords, while testing the density and length on an ongoing basis based on results
  • Build external reviews and links to the Google Play page
  • A/B test screenshots to find ones that convert the best

2. Responsive Mobile Website:

It may be surprising to learn that still in 2015, with more more than 957 million websites, over 50 percent of small business still don’t have a website. Even more surprising is that only 6 percent bothered to be mobile optimized. In the post “Mobilegeddon” era, where Google gives better incentives to mobile optimized websites, these numbers are simply unheard of.

Creating a mobile website will establish your startup as mobile user friendly company and assist its branding as an approachable and easy to find business. Designing the site and laying out its content properly will provide a better user experience for customers and more importantly, aid your business to stand out. Check out Mashable as example for a great mobile experience, as its layout is one the friendliest out there for readers.

3. Mobile Advertisement:

If your app has already stepped it up a notch, and earned a lifeline in the form a few dollars more, then it would be the right time to invest your money in a mobile advertisement campaign. However, if your budget isn’t that big, then incentivized traffic could work as an option. This kind of traffic isn’t expensive, as it enables users to download your app, when visiting other apps. Incentivized traffic isn’t always looked favorable upon, but it works.

4. Click to Call:

One of the easiest options to boost your mobile presence is by simply adding a click to call button. If you don’t have a website, you can use click to call on your Google + profile page. That’s guaranteed monetization, and chances are your business will benefit just from that having that button. One company that recently updated its click to call update on Android is Skype, making it easy to call from desktop to mobile. Their calls our free, so why shouldn’t your incoming calls to your business make money?

5. Location Based Features:

Having your phone number on Google is good, but being found when geographically searched on mobile is even better. Facebook and Twitter have recently begun testing waters with location based services, using them for various purposes, and it seems this trend will only get stronger by the end of the decade. It’s time to connect your business to a GPS reader which can be found on many mobile devices, and start generating revenue from it.

These are only a few tips, but they are highly crucial for advancing your startup into the mobile era. Without them, your startup will have trouble finding its way in the financial jungle, and may not even be relevant in the future, by not adapting to the mobile world.