Taking your marketing offline - why attending events can still do wonders for your brand

Why attending events can still do wonders for your brand

As more and more brands move their focus to their online marketing, it is crucial to remember that a full marketing plan needs to include both online and offline marketing methods to fully promote your brand. Whilst snail mail mailshots might have been replaced with email blasts, and business cards with corporate email signatures, one area of offline marketing that you shouldn’t be relegating to the past is attending events.

Why you still need face to face

Whilst webinars are a fantastic way to educate your audience over the web, attending events in person gives the personal touch. When you meet people at an industry event or conference you have an extra advantage over meeting them via the web; they remember your face. A personal meeting enables you to inject your personality into a conversation, and to make full use of your body language and facial expressions to market your brand. Whilst presenting a webinar helps to build your brand authority, presenting at an event that people have decided is worth their time to attend is even more powerful. Whilst a one on one sales presentation over Skype may be all you need to close an important deal, often it is in-person meetings at events where the biggest and most important deals get closed.

Online marketing for face to face events

Whilst you should be adding event marketing to your yearly marketing calendar, you should also be utilizing all your online marketing tools to promote it. Just as you would promote your webinar on your social channels (especially Twitter and LinkedIn) you should be promoting your attendance at a local event in a similar way. Capitalize on the Twitter hashtag for the event by reaching out to other attendees before the event, so that they remember your name and come over to say hi. Promote a speech you are giving in relevant LinkedIn groups, as well as on your personal and company profiles, and check out forums for other attendees you can connect to. You can also use your online mail signature manager for your company to promote an event you are attending, or speaking at. This not only lets people connect with you before the event, but promotes you as an industry expert to your contacts who will not be in attendance.

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