5 effective ways to get feedback on your customer service efforts

Whether you call your team account managers, customer support agents, or customer success teams, their role is crucial to your company’s revenue. Customers who receive great service from your company will be your strongest brand ambassadors, and your most loyal consumers, so it is really crucial that your team are doing their job well, and keeping your customers happy. Here are five ways to effectively get feedback on their performance, without driving your customers crazy.

1 – A feedback form on your site

A feedback form at the bottom of each page, or for each product you are selling is a tried and tested way to gather feedback from your customers whilst they are experiencing your site, and a tool like Kampyle can help you collect the feedback in an attractive way. This is great for product reviews, but not ideal for understanding the performance of individual team members. Limit yourself to one or two questions or a rating scale, so you don’t ruin your customer’s experience.

Clarks ratings and review

2 – A feedback tab on your Facebook page

A feedback tab on your Facebook page is a useful way to collect feedback from your Facebook fans, and may even avoid the embarrassment of a negative comment posted on your Facebook wall. Any questions asked in this format should be very short and to the point, for example a simple rating scale, with an option to add a comment would work well.

3 – A feedback form as part of your corporate signature

This is an effective way to collect feedback not just on your overall business efforts, but also to get real-time feedback on individual customer support agents. By using two rating systems on your corporate team signatures– one for your team efforts and one for you your individual agent, you can easily collect necessary feedback, and address issues as they arrive.

customer success signature with photo

4 – A detailed survey in a follow-up email

Another way to collect direct feedback on an individual team member is to include a more detailed survey in a follow up email after dealing with your support team. Whilst the information you can gather is more nuanced, you should be aware that people may be put off answering all together by the perceived demands on their time, so you should expect a lower number of responses.

5 – Pick up the phone

Although this is the most time-intensive and intrusive method of collecting customer feedback, it is a very valuable method in your arsenal. Without ratings scales and surveys you will get the most candid and eye-opening feedback from your customers. You can choose to reserve this method as a follow up to feedback collected in another way, or to use it only with your most loyal brand ambassadors.