Top online tools to help you organize your next event

If you are running an upcoming event there are lots of great online tools to help you, many of which are free, or offer free packages for smaller events. Here is our pick of the top online tools to make your life easier, and to help you run a successful event.

Event marketing tools


With EventBrite you can register guests for your event and sell tickets if your event is a paid event. EventBrite is a free service for free events, and take a dollar plus 2% for each ticket sale via their platform. It helps you to register guests and track exactly who is attending.



Bizzaboo is a great networking app for your attendees to get to know each other both before, during and after your event. Their basic offering is free, with paid versions available with extra features for larger and more complicated events.



Twitter should be your number one social tool for organizing your event. Choose a relevant hashtag which is easy to remember, and doesn’t have a previous use that you don’t want to be connected to. Publish your hashtag on your site and let you potential attendees know about it via an email blast. You can use it to promote your event, and your attendees can use it to connect to each other.


 WiseStamp for Business

By using WiseStamp online business signature management tool you can promote your next event through your email signature. Encourage the people you are in email contact with to sign up for your event, and build your brand through awareness for your contacts who won’t be attending.

wisestamp screenshot


You can create a Facebook event as a free and easy way to manage your event registration, especially if you are running a free event. A Facebook event can also work as a way to promote a paid event, but you will need to include the registration link, and remind attendees that just signing up via Facebook isn’t enough for a valid registration.

FB screenshot


LinkedIn is a great choice to promote your next event online. You can choose to promote your event on our personal page or your company’s corporate page, and you can also promote your event in relevant LinkedIn groups that potential attendees already use.

Linkedin screenshot


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