What every realtor needs to know about Facebook marketing in 2015

A few years ago most leading realtors created and grew their professional Facebook pages to promote their listings and their business. Today Facebook marketing is still an important marketing strategy for both larger real estate organizations and smaller businesses but recent changes to the Facebook algorithm have resulted in realtors reevaluating it as their tool of choice for online marketing. Some realtors have found their natural Facebook post engagement dropping down to zero, meaning that nobody is seeing their listings when they’ve posted them on their pages.

Algorithm changes in the last few months mean that less and less people who have liked your Facebook page automatically see your updates, so that even the most interesting updates will not necessarily get seen by the people who have liked your page. So what can you do about it?

Sponsored Facebook posts

Well, you’ve got several options. Your first option is to pay to sponsor your Facebook posts. This will greatly increase the views your posts get, and if you target your audience correctly, should result in an increased engagement for your posts. You can choose to either pay for people who have liked your page to see your updates, or you can target your audience by their age, location, interests etc. It is important to keep an eye on both your post engagement, and on how much traffic you actually get in to your site from your sponsored posts to see if this is a worthwhile option for you.

Explore other social marketing channels

What about if you don’t want to pay for people to see your Facebook posts or sponsoring posts isn’t driving leads to your website? Another option you can look into is exploring other marketing channels to successfully drive traffic to your site. One option you can look at is other social channels to market your listings, including Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn, evaluating which channels bring you the most worthwhile traffic for your efforts, whilst being careful not to spam your followers.

A third option for promoting your listings that you might not have thought of is through an easy to update email signature. By creating a WiseStamp email signature for your whole team you can easily promote and update your listings with every email you send, without relying on Facebook to send you traffic. This is an easy and effective marketing option for your sales team, and and anybody working directly with potential buyers or renters. You can promote your listings to see your listings on your website, or via a more visual social channel like YouTube or Pinterest, to give a different perspective.

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