5 great tools for your Google work email

Do you remember the days when your only used your phone to make calls? Now your phone is your camera, your personal notebook, your games console, and so much more. Don’t leave your email behind. Update it with these five cool tools to turn it into a super productive tool for you and your business.

1. Backupify

Backupify is a great Google for Work tool which helps you find and restore deleted Google Drive files, so you can breathe easily.

2. Rapportive

Got an email from someone but don’t know who they are? Save yourself the trouble of finding them on LinkedIn, Rapportive will give you all their social information right in their email.

3. WiseStamp for Business

With WiseStamp’s team signature solution you’ll be able to control and brand all your team signatures, using your corporate emails to promote what is most important for your business.

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4. Streak

Streak turns your email into a mini CRM system. You can assign tasks, send email blasts, control and filter the sales funnel and more with this all in one tool.

5. Boomarang

Boomerang will schedule your emails to go out at the most convenient time, and will also ping you if your contact doesn’t reply to you, making it a great follow up tool.




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