5 social tools every realtor should be using to promote their online listings

5 social tools every realtor should be using to promote their online listings

Even the best realtor can sometimes struggle when promoting their home listings online. It can be hard to know which online marketing tools to use to best reach the potential customers who are actively looking for their forever home, or just the perfect condo rental.

When using social media and other online marketing ideas to promote your current listings it is always best to focus on a few key channels, rather than spreading yourself too thin trying to be everywhere at once. We suggest focusing on these five tools to promote yourself online to use your time productively to drive the most sales to your business.

1. Your team email signature is a great online marketing tool for your realtors

Your email signature is a wonderful place to promote your listings. With a simple and easy to update signature from WiseStamp for Business you can promote your listings across your entire team, and with our custom team solution, even show different listings for each realtor according to their area.

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2. LinkedIn should be one of your go-to places to promote your listings

LinkedIn is a great place to promote your home listings, especially if you have many local connections. You can use WiseStamp to place your listings on your team LinkedIn signatures, and you can also promote your listings on relevant local LinkedIn groups on a monthly basis. Be careful to both choose relevant groups, and to also take part in relevant discussions and not spam the group.

3. Your business Facebook page is one of your top online marketing tools

Every realtor should invest time in opening and promoting a professional Facebook page, with regularly updated listings, but it is important to be aware of recent changes to the Facebook algorithm which have resulted in less people seeing page results. You might want to consider promoting your listings as part of a sponsored post on a weekly or monthly basis, carefully selecting to promote only in your local area, so you don’t waste your hard earned dollars.

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4. Upload videos of your listings to YouTube for increased views

YouTube is a wonderful resource for realtors. It is a great opportunity to create a way for people to easily view a property causing inconvenience to the current owners, or wasting your time. You can edit videos to really show a place at its best, and then save real visits for serious interest only. You can promote these videos on your website, social channels and via email to really spread the word.

5. Pinterest is a new and valuable way for realtors to showcase homes

Uploading your listings onto Pinterest allows you to showcase a property visually, whilst also allowing space to add relevant information for potential buyers or renters. Pinterest is frequently used by people both actively and passively looking for a new home, so it makes sense for them to find your listings there.

Whilst investing your time in social tools to promote your online listings, it is always recommended to track where your traffic is coming from with a tool such as Google Analytics, as well as regularly checking your engagement in the form of likes and comments. You’ll see what works for you and your business, and where you should continue to invest your efforts.

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