Get people to join your Webinar


Use your company signature to get people to join your Webinar

Webinars are a powerful tool in your arsenal. They allow you to get new clients, nurture existing clients and increase their value and learn what are their Pain points in order to smooth and automate your sales process

Webinars attendees often stumble upon them – in a newsletter, Ad hoc landing pages, word of mouth etc.

Now you can increase the influx of attendees and boost signups by adding a Webinar Call to Action on EACH EMAIL sent from your company?

  1. Choose the “Email Apps” in the editor
  2. Scroll to the “Webinar App” and “Add it”
  3. Add Title, Text and the Signup Link
  4. Add an Icon to make it more noticeable

Now click “Publish” and the Webinar Call to Action will be added to all signatures.

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