Why you should use your corporate email signature to promote your most important listings

As a busy real estate company your team sends out dozens, if not hundreds of emails a day to prospective clients, current clients, following up with old sales, as well as emails to suppliers and other real estate professionals you might be working with. Whilst you are sending out all these emails you should be using your emails to work harder for you to promote your most important listings.

Reach the people you are trying to reach

Unlike marketing email campaigns, which might automatically go into the promotions mailbox, or if you are unlucky, into their spam inbox, direct emails to individual contacts usually reach the person you are trying to contact, directly into their main inbox. Since most emails are also repeat communication to people that you are already in contact with, they are more likely to both open your email, and be interested in what you are promoting. To not utilize this method of communication for promoting your listings means that you are missing out on a direct way to reach future prospects, and generate interested local leads.

Promote your listings through your signature

One easy way to use your email to promote your listings is through a standardized email signature solution for your whole team. By setting up an email solution like WiseStamp for Business you can regularly update your team’s email signatures to highlight your top properties, as well as any local home sales you are running, or any special events that you want to promote.

One benefit of using a team signature solution is that you can manage and control all teams signatures, plus you can choose a different choice of signature option for different realtors in your team, at different times. Your sales team in one area can promote one top property in their area, and a sales team in another area can promote another property without overcrowding their signatures.

As realtors you understand the importance of prime real estate. The signature on your emails is a prime marketing real estate spot on each email, so it is important to make sure you are using it to highlight your most important listings and events.

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