20 Business related Twitter accounts to follow in 2015

Whether your corporate Twitter account has been active for years, or you’ve just decided to kick-start it into life, it can be a challenge to know who to follow to get the information you need to help you grow your business. We’ve found these 20 business related Twitter accounts to be a great source of information, and we’d love to hear back from you about others that you have found helpful, so feel free to let us know.

WiseStamp Twitter

1. @EntMagazine Entrepreneur Magazine is a wonderful resource for businesses, ranging from tips to running your business to inspiration from successful entrepreneurs.

2. @Businessinsider Business Insider will give you the latest news from the Business World, as well as articles on every possible business related topic.

3. @Inc Inc. claims to have everything you need to run your business, and we’ve found lots of interesting and informative material via their Twitter feed

4. @FastCompany You’ll find great productivity tips, plus the latest business tricks and hacks via the Fast Company’s Twitter feed

5. @WSJsmallbiz Wall Street Journal’s small business Twitter feed has great articles for businesses of all shapes and sizes, covering topics from online businesses, to entrepreneurship and legal and financial issues

6. @Forbes covers a wide range of business topics, both for smaller businesses and larger, established corporations. They also provide interesting opinion pieces from business leaders around the world.

7. @hootsuite Hootsuite have great tips for running your corporate social media, and your online presence

8. @LinkedIn LinkedIn have some really quality business-related articles on their Twitter feed, and it is, ironically, easier to follow them on Twitter than it is via your LinkedIn feed…

9. @TheNextWeb The Next Web covers global business and technology, with lots of useful information for small businesses and corporations

10. @SMExaminer Social Media Examiner has lots of great information about setting up running and growing your personal and corporate social media sites.

11. @KISSmetrics Lots of great online marketing information from KissMetrics, from choosing content to social media and analytics.

12. @mashable You’ll find the latest tech news from following Mashable on Twitter, although you’ll also have to sift through their wackier, and less relevant stories too.

13. @smallbiztrends Small Biz Trends is a treasure chest of information for businesses, especially business management tricks and tools

14. @B2Community Business 2 Community is an open community of contributors on business related themes, from online marketing to motivating your team.

15. @Moz Moz is an authoritative and useful Twitter feed to follow for online marketing tips, especially for SEO updates and guides.

16. @TwitterSmallBiz Twitter itself runs a small business resource page, with fantastic articles, and guides for businesses in the online sphere.

17. @WSBis Here at WiseStamp we try to provide small businesses with the tools they need to manage their businesses online, so feel free to follow us, and connect if we can help you out with anything

18. @PracticalEcomm Practical Ecommerce is a great Twitter feed for businesses that sell online, with practical how-to guides, as well as information and tricks to maximize your online transactions.

19. @SmallBizExpo Small Business Expo has collected together up to date articles on all aspects of running your small business, so you’ll find many helpful articles and posts by following them on Twitter

20. @AllBusiness_com All Business is a portal for small to medium business owners, and is a great resource for thought leadership and industry trends. By following their Twitter feed you can find great ideas for how to run your business better.