Is your email signature breaking the law?

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You might have a creative and fun email signature, but did you know that if it is missing crucial information from it then you could be breaking the law?

 If your company is UK based and is a Private Limited Company (LTD), a Public Limited Company (PLC) or a Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) then since Jan 2007 according to the Companies Act you are legally obligated to include specific information in all your company communications, including every company emails that you send.

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The information that legally must be included in any email that your company sends is your registered company name, your company’s registration number, your place of registration (England, Scotland or Wales) and your registered office address. Not complying with the law and sending email communication without the above information can result in a hefty fine for the company involved: up to £1,000.

 Whilst upper management and HR may be aware of the law, it is notoriously difficult to make sure that every company employee is complying, and including the relevant information in each email that they send.

 Using an email management tool that centrally updates all employee emails can save Human Resources and upper management a real headache. With WiseStamp you can easily manage email signatures for all corporate employees, helping you to comply with the law, whilst promoting your business.

Other benefits of a uniform company wide email signature policy is an email signature which is consistent with your company branding, and can be easy and centrally updated when necessary. For example, when you move to a new office you can easily update the address for the entire office, or update company extensions when team members move to a different office. You can also use your email to promote company activities- from getting more clicks on your corporate blog to encouraging more Twitter followers for your corporate account.

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Using an email marketing tool like WiseStamp to manage and standardise your employee signatures means that you can comply with British communication law whilst also promoting your company.

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