6 easy ways to promote your webinar online

Webinars offer B2B businesses the opportunity to reach out to their prospects virtually, and are an excellent way to build a list of qualified prospects for your sales team. They take a lot of work to organize, and it is important to make sure that the topics you are discussing offer something both new and interesting for your future client base. Once you’ve established this, it is crucial to promote your webinar to attract the prospects that you are interested in. Here are 6 easy ways to promote your webinar to increase attendance and build buzz.

1.Promoting your webinar on your website

Since visitors to your website already have an idea about what you offer, this should be the first place you promote your webinar. By featuring all the information about your webinar on your site you also guarantee that visitors who sign up to your webinar can check out the other information on your site. This can include case studies, client testimonials and pricing plans, plus any other information they might want to get about you and your product.

2. Promoting your webinar via Twitter

Twitter is an excellent tool for marketing your webinar. By picking relevant hashtags used in your field you can reach a wider audience, and place your webinar in front of the prospects you are trying to reach. It is worthwhile to formulate several different messages promoting your webinar, and schedule them on a social campaign management tool like HootSuite or Oktopost to reach out to prospects in different time zones. You can use both your corporate account, or select accounts from your marketing team, with full permission of course.

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3. Promoting your webinar on relevant LinkedIn groups

By joining relevant LinkedIn groups in your field, or groups your prospective clients use,  you can reach out to the people who would be interested in your webinar. It is always worthwhile to be a contributing member of LinkedIn groups that you are a member of before advertising your own events such as webinars. People are more likely to be receptive to your webinar if they see you as a valued member of the group and not someone trying to spam them. Being overly promotional in a LinkedIn group can also result in you getting booted from a group, which is never good for your professional reputation.

4.Promoting your webinar via your email campaign

It is crucial to reach out to your own database of contacts when promoting a webinar and start email promotion at least a week in advance, so people can find space in their calendars to attend. It is recommended to email more than once, both in advance and closer to the date of your webinar, but be careful about walking the fine line between providing information and sending too many annoying emails.

5. Via a link on your email signature

By linking to your webinar in your email signature with WiseStamp for Business you promote it in an unobtrusive way to future prospects who are already getting emails from your team. This is a great way to reach people who are already dealing with your sales or customer support team, especially for a webinar about an enterprise product or new product features.


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6. Reach out to bloggers in your space

By reaching out to bloggers in your field you can widen your range for the amount of relevant prospects who will find out about your webinar. To increase the likelihood of them sharing your information it is worth it to pick the contacts that you reach out to carefully, to make sure they are relevant, and will be interested in the content of your webinar. Build relationships by sharing their information too, and they will be more likely reciprocate in the future.

When promoting your webinar online, don’t put all your eggs in one basket. By utilizing multiple marketing channels you can widen your net and increase your signup rate for your webinar.

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