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Automated company wide signature management for Office 365 web & desktop
Outlook email signature generator
Over 2,500 Companies
already use WiseStamp to grow
their business
Over 2,500 companies​ already use WiseStamp to grow their business
Global company wide email signature office 365

Works for all Outlook versions, web and desktop (from 2010 and onward)

Optimized for Office 365

WiseStamp’s Office 365 signature management software lets you create and deploy a global standardized email signature for all your Outlook users, from a centralized dashboard.

Popular features:

Works for all Outlook versions, web and desktop (from 2010 and onward)

Why WiseStamp?

Global signature management
 Create a professional global signature for your entire organization using Wisestamp’s signature editor. Then deploy your designs on email addresses under your domain.
Easy user management
 Import all users and their info in CSV to see their signature in Wisestamp’s user management page. Assign Admin access to individual users that should set their design autonomously
Signatures segmentation by department
 Create engagement with your brand and improve email conversions by segmenting signatures by department and roles. Set the right design, info and CTAs for the right team
Faster setup
Integration WiseStamp’s O365 signature manager with all users’ emails via our proprietary signature installer software*.  Edit and publish your changes in 1-click.  *Beta version
More secure
 Get complete ownership of your data – Wisestamp integrates directly with your employees’ Outlook apps, and gets limited permissions to change the signature settings only
Advanced design features
 Turn your company email signature into a low cost marketing channel by adding banner, button or video CTAs to your signatures with a business offer or update to recipients

How to set up a global Office 365 signature in 5 simple steps

Create your company signature layout
Choose a designed template from our many options. Set your global company info, logo, and brand colors. Social media icons, buttons and other widgets are also available as addons
Upload your users via CSV file
Import a list of your users with all their required signature information in CSV format. WIsestamp will auto-imbed the users’ info in their signatures - ready for deployment
Segment your signatures & assign admins
Group your signatures by department or role, and assign certain users like department heads Admin authorization to edit their department’s signature, and give it uniquely relevant features
Install Outlook Desktop Signature Installer
Send your users the Wisestamp Outlook Desktop Signature Installer EXE to install on their machines. Wisestamp's manager can now auto-sync their Outlook apps' signatures
Deploy your company Office 365 signatures in 1-click
Centrally edit and publish your entire organization’s emails signatures within seconds

Generate growth with Office 365 signature management

By creating a professional looking email signature you set your company at the top of your industries standards. You can take this a step further and turn your email signature block into a marketing tool. Do this by making full use of the capabilities the Wisestamp Office 365 management software offers you and make every email an opportunity.

Segment your signatures by department or role to address specific audiences. Add a “We’re hiring” CTA button to your HR team signature, a “Limited offer” banner to your Sales team signature or a legal disclaimer to your Legal Department signature. This will bring you added engagement with the right users at the right time.

Track your Office 365 signatures company wide with analytics integration - Wisestamp

See what our clients say

Gary S. (Capterra reviewer)
Gary S. (Capterra reviewer)
Founder & CEO - Used Wisestamp for 2+ years
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"Must have tool to turn your email signature into a marketing tool for your business."
Jess B. (Capterra reviewer)
Jess B. (Capterra reviewer)
Founder/Owner - - Used Wisestamp for 2+ years
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"I like WiseStamp and have used it for years. It's an easy and quick way to get a professional looking signature in my emails. I love that I can link to social media and my blog posts too"
User Rating: 4.8/5

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