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How do I brand…. myself?

It seems that everything today is a brand, where you work, what you buy, what you listen to and… yourself?

Yes, even yourself. 

Branding yourself as a source of knowledge, great ideas or experience can help you with your professional as well as your personal relationships. One of the best tools to strengthen your personal brand is your email signature.

  • Here I am – Add your profile picture to make your emails personal.
  • My interests – Use social icons to lead to your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc.
  • What I care about – Share your latest tweet or what’s new on your Facebook page
  • More about… me – Send people to your personal identity / Splash page.
    This is a hot arena with great free tools Doo.Id,, Follr and
  • Last but by all means not least – start your own blog.
    This is a great opportunity to show your know how, opinions and skills.
    Use the RSS or WordPress email app to share what’s on your mind.


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