Black Friday is a time for all businesses, big and small, to offer special promotions that attract returning and new customers. Even though the Black Friday “doorbuster” sales are usually dominated by big box stores like Target and Walmart, your small business can certainly claim a piece of the pie.

You’d be surprised by how attune customers are to all types of Black Friday sales, and not just from the big name stores. Just take a look at the stats: Around 30% of annual retail sales kick off on Black Friday and continue through Christmas. So take advantage of this opportunity to drive your sales this season.

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Here are 3 simple and actionable tips to driving Black Friday sales for your small business: 

1. Set the right type of deal

Yes, big-box retailers are advertising huge price slashes upwards of 50% off. But don’t feel you have to compete with their sales. As a small business owner, you probably can’t afford to offer such significant price cuts.

But you don’t have to. Calculate the profit margin that is comfortable for you and build your sale around that figure. Maybe it’s somewhere between 15% to 30%, and that might sound “small” to you when you look at the Black Friday competition.

The value you offer as a small business is not tied only to prices. On the contrary, it should focus on the quality of your service or product and the personal care and attention you offer your customers. If you’re struggling to offer a significant enough price cut on your products or inventory, then get creative.

Think of what you can add to sweeten the deal. Perhaps a free item along with a minimum purchase? Perhaps an extra hour or session of your service with a minimum purchase. Do what’s right for your business and your customers will appreciate the offer!

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2. Create an Email Campaign

Email is still one of the strongest marketing channels to date. So, don’t overlook the power of a well-crafted email campaign to promote your Black Friday sale. If you have the time and resources, create a designed HTML email to announce your promotion. You can easily create one with tools like Vcita and other email builders. Your other option is to send a plain text email. While it might not look as fancy, it has certain advantages. For starters, plain text emails always display correctly no matter what email client your recipient is using.

They also have a more personal and direct feel to them, like you are having a one-on-one conversation with your recipient. But more important than the format of the email is the content. Make sure to keep it brief and clear. Announce the sale in extremely transparent terms so your customers understand exactly what the value is.

3. Add a Black Friday banner to your email signature

Your email signature is an often overlooked yet extremely powerful marketing tool. When used correctly, a dynamic email signature increases your email reply rate, engagement rate and social media following. That’s why we are helping you make the most of your email signature marketing with a stunning Black Friday signature that will link to whatever online asset you choose: your homepage, product page, landing page or elsewhere!

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Time needed: 5 minutes.

Here’s how to add the Black Friday banner to an email signature:

  1. Visit the WiseStamp Signature Generator

  2. Go to the “Addons” section

  3. Click on the “Holiday Banners” app

  4. Choose the banner you like best and add the URL of your choice

  5. Save your changes and that’s all!

Happy Black Friday and let the sales begin!

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